8 April, 2016

One task that can be especially stressful is moving to a brand new home. Furthermore, something that can be equally stressful is making the decision to either move all of your belongings yourself or hire a professional moving company to complete the job for you. However, there are actually many different advantages that can be utilized when you hire professional movers, some of which include the following:

Leaving Packing to the Professionals

Packing all of your belongings is a task that can take up approximately a quarter of your entire moving expense. This means if you were to take on this task yourself, you would actually end up spending more money. Not only would you end up using more boxes than you actually need, but you may also end up damaging some of your belongings due to not packing them up properly. Professional movers, on the other hand, are highly trained to pack many different things as efficiently as possible.


Professional movers always work hard to run local area checks. This is important because understanding all of the routes and the neighborhood itself will ensure that your belongings get to the right place.

Your Property is Insured and Safe

The one thing that is perhaps the most important to professional movers is always making sure that all of your belongings are as safe as possible, as well as insured. Professional movers always use heavy-duty wrap and plastic covers for furniture pieces in order to make sure that no excess dirt and/or dust finds its way onto them during the moving process.

Using the Right Equipment

Transporting your items to your new residence yourself is never a bad idea; however, vehicles such as normal cars and trucks never typically come with all of the right equipment to ensure that everything is transported safely. The same thing cannot be said for professional movers, who use hoisting straps, dollies, and ramps to transport your items in their custom-built trucks.

Estimates That are Straightforward

Typically, there are no hidden charges involved whenever you make the decision to hire a professional moving service; rather, these companies charge by the distance in which they have to travel, as well as the particular service that you choose to go with. Before going ahead with the move, these charges will be discussed with you in detail.

Customer Service That is Friendly

Many professional moving companies are more than happy to provide you with solutions regarding any issues that you may have involving your move. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to speak with them.

Storage Facilities That are Flexible

In the event that you find you need to delay your move, many professional moving services will provide you with storage facilities with options that range from short-term to long-term to overnight. Additional charges may be involved, but in the long run, all of your belongings will be protected.