6 October, 2020

All the world’s a stage:

You’ve probably heard the term” home staging” but do you know what it means? It’s got nothing to do with Elon Musk and rocket stages sending payloads to Mars or wherever. It also has little to do with theatre, but in a way, there is some creative acting involved. Let us try to explain that one to you.

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is a process where a new home or one that has just entered the real estate market gets all dressed up for visitors. The interior and exterior of the home are made up to look as attractive as they possibly could to interest a buyer. Think of it as a gal getting all dolled up for a night on the town hoping to meet someone new who will want to spend the rest of their lives together. Home staging gets home ready for a very important date – to be introduced to a potential new owner.


Home Staging

What Are the Benefits of Home Staging?

We are glad you asked this one. There are many advantages to having your home look like it was dressed up for the Prom by a professional in the home staging industry. Here are some good reasons to give your home an extreme makeover by a home staging profession.

1 – It’ll Sell Faster

95{c90871bae1ccbef2c97f03962533da1d1cdb56d95578a7d78109bc048c24bb44} of ASP Staged Homes sell in 29 days or less as opposed to Non-Staged Homes, coming in at 90 days on market. Read that again. Home staging will sell your home faster. If that doesn’t get your attention, what will? Think of all the time and hassle that could be saved if your home sells shortly after it gets listed. Who wouldn’t want to have that problem to deal with?

2 – It’ll Make You More Money

Yup. It’s a fact. According to US Housing and Urban Development, houses that have been staged sell on average at 17-percent higher than those homes that are not treated with the special hands and pixie dust of a professional home stager. Shortly put, you have to spend money to make money. It’s a cliché for reason.

3 – It’ll Help You See Your Home Objectively

Sure, you may think the pink throw rugs are the best fit on the mahogany floor, but a home stager will make your home look far better than that. That’s why they are the experts and we aren’t. Yes, you may love that gigantic leather sectional and that’s great! Now is it the best choice for that space? There is a good chance it isn’t. You want your furnishings to exaggerate the space and the good news is most Staging professionals have their own inventory of furniture and knickknacks at their disposal. This allows them the ability to furnish and decorate a listing with a style that best suits the layout of the home. Stagers bring out the best look to all parts of your home and save you precious time.

4 – It’ll Help Buyers Better Visualize the Potential

This is one of the most important benefits of home staging. Not every buyer will be able to conjure up the kinds of visuals that your home stager can. A guest bedroom may just be a guest bedroom, but a home stager can make it look like something a buyer needs. Photos are important these days as more and more people are using sites like www.zillow.com to buy homes. When buyers are scrolling through endless amounts of listings you want your pictures to show what a house can look like and give them a sense of how happy they will be living at that house.

5 – It’ll Give Your Competitors A Good Run

You could sell your house in “as is” condition, but if your neighborhood has other homes for sale and they have had home staging done to them, your home may end up on the market long after those other ones have sold. Home staging prevents that. Even if you don’t want to fully stage your home, partial staging is always an option most staging companies offer. Partial staging can be less expensive than staging your whole house and can give you the edge on the house up the street.


Home Staging Banefits

Austin’s Best Staging Company

Now that you have decided to seek professionals help to stage your property listing, here is my top pick for Home Stagers in the Austin area.


Cathy Helmholz, Owner of Just In Time Design

Cathy Helmholz, Owner of Just In Time Design.

A native of Belgium, Cathy has been in America for over 34 years. She is an Accredited Home Staging Professional with a background in the fashion industry and real estate. I have worked beside Cathy as a mover on multiple projects and what she is able to do with a blank canvas and furniture on her pallet is nothing short of magic! www.jitdesignhomestaging.com

What to Do After Home Staging Sells Your Home

 Well, if you happen to be in the Austin area, you are going to need Austin Movers. Maybe you should call us the moment you host your first open house after the home stager has dolled up your home because you’ll need us fairly quickly after that. We are Real Men Moving and we provide moving service seven-days-a-week. Need a hand moving or just packing? We also assist staging companies to deliver their furniture and effects. Call us today and request a free quote. Want to know what our service is like? Go to the about section of our site www.austinmovingservice.com/ under review and see what our customers are saying.