21 June, 2018

Bad landlords can come in a few different varieties, and they can cause you to end up hating the apartment you live in. Thankfully it’s easy to spot a bad landlord before you make the decision to move into a new apartment.

Here are a few different ways in which you can protect yourself.

Do a Walkthrough Prior to Moving In

When you go on the initial walkthrough of your potential apartment, be sure to make note of any flaws that you come across, regardless of whether or not it can be fixed. Always take pictures if possible. This will help to prevent you against the landlord blaming you for issues that already existed prior to you moving in, or if he attempts to keep your security deposit because of it.

Be Cordial, But Distant

There are landlords who feel that they can stop by your apartment whenever they wish to do so, either for a chat or to check on something. If a landlord tries getting too close to you though, it can really affect your overall privacy to the point where you may have to move away.

Remain Firm and Calm, and Document Everything

Whenever you approach your landlord for any reason, be sure to always remain calm, firm, and friendly. Take the time to explain what needs to be fixed, as well as that you have documented these issues for yourself. If no attempt is made to correct the issues, this is a big red flag indicating that you may need to resort to taking further action.

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