26 January, 2017

Love is in the air in Dripping Springs Texas! (Otherwise known as The Wedding Capital of Texas.) Dripping Springs boasts many historic churches and landmarks, breathtaking views of the hill country, wineries, breweries, and many wonderful places to stay. If you’re not looking to tie the knot in the near future, Dripping Springs is still very well worth your while. Three families from Mississippi settled Dripping Springs in 1853. They chose this area based on its distance from the Texas Capital, and the abundance of trees and water.

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The soil wasn’t fertile enough for anything more than subsistence farming, so the early economy of dripping spring was more based on livestock, especially sheep and goats. The abundance of water still exists today, though the city’s springs are really more of a trickle than a drip. You can see them at their best at Hamilton Pool, a natural preserve that was made when erosion caused the dome of an underground river to collapse thousands of years ago. In the summer this pool is a popular swimming spot, sparkling bright green day after day. In the winter it’s a great place to hike and see the waterfall and large slabs of limestone on the water’s edge.

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You may also see the endangered golden-cheeked warbler, native to the Ashe Juniper Cedar trees on the upper parts of the nature preserve. Another great place to hike is the Charro Ranch Park, donated to the city in 2008 by the Hibberd Family. It is a great place to bring a family picnic, go on a run or just sit and reflect. Dripping springs has a wonderful combination of nature and history. Grab a drink at “The Barber Shop,” a brewpub in a historic barbershop created in 1924.

Visit the Dr Pound Historical Farmstead and see what life was like living the simple life in log cabins under an estimated 500 year old oak tree. This farmstead was also one of the first to use sustainable agriculture. You’ll fall in love with all the ins and outs of this wonderful town, wedding or not.