23 August, 2019

When it comes to a task such as moving a pool table, this is something that requires more effort than one may think. Moving something like this around your own home will typically be accomplished rather easily by several people who take the time to work together; however, moving it from one home to another or even to a storage area will not only require several people, but also the right tools as well.

Here are the steps involved with moving a pool table from one area of your home to another.

  1. First and foremost, you will want to invest in a total of four wooden dollies, ensuring that each one has wheels on it. This will help to ensure that moving the pool table will be able to be done in an easy fashion. Once you acquire the dollies, take the time to wrap the edges of each one in either fabric or carpet, whichever you prefer. Doing this will keep the legs of the pool table from getting scratched.
  2. Move each dolly to a corner of the pool table so that each corner can be prepared to be placed on each dolly. Ensure that the entire area around the pool table itself is completely clear so nothing will get caught in the dolly wheels.
  3. Lift one of the ends of the pool table off the ground. Typically, you should be able to do this on your own; however, since pool tables are heavy in weight, having someone assist you would be a good idea. The best way to lift is to tilt the pool table off of the ground from one of the longer sides. Always make sure that you lift with your legs in order to prevent any type of injury to your back.
  4. Once one of the ends has been lifted, move the dolly into place using your foot, placing it beneath the pool table. This process will then need to be repeated with all other ends of the pool table. Once this is done, brace each dolly by locking the wheels into place.
  5. Once the wheels of the dollies have been locked into place, you can then free them and make preparations to roll the pool table. Make sure that all throw rugs have been moved out of the way and that the doorways are of the proper measurements for you to fit the pool table through them.
  6. Begin rolling the pool table, ensuring that you apply steady and firm pressure. This will allow you to control the speed at which the pool table will be rolling. Too much speed will result in you not being able to stop the rolling. Be sure that you take up a more central position, preferably at the end of the longways side of the table between the two corner pockets.
  7. Once you have moved your pool table to its new desired location, you will then need to prepare to remove the dollies. Brace one set first, then remove the ones opposite the braced set. Simply lift the table and kick the unbraced dollies free, then slowly lower the table down to the floor. Then, remove the other set in the same fashion.

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