22 August, 2018

The process of moving can cause a lot of stress for everyone involved, no matter the size of the move. Family homes whose inhabitants have been there for decades and student apartments alike can bring the movers (and their friends and family) to tears. Thankfully, there are a few different ways that you can make the process much easier and pack quickly.

Here are three useful tips to make note of that will help you with this:

Pack Everything Strategically

Take the time to mark all of the boxes that you know you’ll need first with a symbol, such as a star. You can also consider leaving those items out that you’ll need the day of the move. Putting them in a basket or a hamper and ensuring they’re not packed up in the deep, dark depths of the moving truck can alleviate a lot of stress during your move. Once you’re at your new home, you’ll have easy access to items such as clothes, toiletries, sheets, towels, and other daily necessities. The rest can wait!

Begin Packing Early

Regardless of how good you think you may be, it always takes a lot longer than you might think to pack your belongings. You never realize how many things you’ve acquired over the years until you have to put them all in boxes. Begin two to three weeks prior to your moving day, starting with the items you use the least (Grandma’s decorative vase, anyone?). This way, you can also ensure the safety of more valuable items because you’re not rushed to throw them into boxes.

Consider Using Trash Bags

Sturdy trash bags are great to use for packing items that won’t break. Especially when you’re doing your last-minute clear out with your spouse laying on the horn outside, you can just toss all the extra clothes and knick-knacks in garbage bags and toss them in the back. They can also be easily stuffed into vehicles, as well as transformed into shaped that normal boxes can’t.

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