3 April, 2018

One of the most important areas in your home is your kitchen. Not only is it the one place where we eat when we need to, but it’s also a great space for families to spend time together. When you move to a new home, the kitchen should also be the very first area that you take the time to set up, and the best way to achieve this is to pack all of your cookware and appliances as efficiently as possible.

Here are three different tips that can help you pack everything in an organized and efficient manner.

  • One method involves using some packing paper and only one box. Frying pans and pots will be packed together in this particular box. Begin by placing a frying pan in the middle of the paper, ensuring that you cover it on all sides. From there, place another frying pan on top of that, and use extra paper if you need to. Using this method, you can pack three or four pots and pans at once.
  • Another method involves using packing paper and boxes that are of different sizes. Smaller items can be packed using this method. Start by filling the entire bottom of your box with crumpled paper, which will add further protection to items that are breakable. From there, diagonally wrap a plate in some of the paper, making sure that you use several sheets at once. Each item should be placed in a corner, which will make them even less breakable. If you have plates that are of the same size, they can be wrapped together as long as there’s a sheet of paper between each of them. Be sure that you place all heavy items at the bottom of the box prior to sealing it with red tape and marking it as “fragile.”
  • The final method involves using medium-sized boxes to pack appliances such as a toaster, blender, and/or juicer. To begin with, each item should have its own separate box. Make sure that before packing, each item is both clean and dry. Take packing paper and wrap each item completely before using another sheet of the paper to wrap the item again. From there, use tape to safely secure everything before placing the item into a box. Once it has been placed, cover it with more crumpled paper and a towel to help protect it.

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