4 November, 2020

You may ask yourself why so many people are moving to The Domain?  Once, just a couple of apartments and retail stores, The Domain is now growing into what some have called “the second Downtown.” With a population of roughly 38,000 people and high-rises popping up everywhere, this neighborhood on the northwest corridor is on the rise.

There is something for everyone. From High-end retailers to great local shops, amazing restaurants, delicious craft cocktails, and a nightlife that rivals 6th street. All this and more make The Domain the place to be!

If you are moving to Austin and The Domain is where you want to call home, first let me tell you that is a great choice! Second, I have put together a list of places to live, eat, shop, work, and most importantly play. Here is what you need to know about living in Downtown North.

Living in The Domain – Things to Do.


Domain Texas


There are not many reasons to venture off the 300 acres that make up the Domain. As a matter of fact, some residents don’t. Here is a better look at what makes this north Austin gem shine.

 Best Restaurants in The Domain, Austin TX


Domain Restaurant Real Men Moving


If the smell of food effects how much you eat, then you better buy some bigger pants. Restaurants at The Domain are cranking out some free smells and there is something for everyone to help give you all the fuel you need for the shopping you are about to do. Here are some of the best restaurants in The Domain that you must try.

Toulouse is a classic French Café and Bar serving up classic French dishes like their famous duck confit. Make sure to call for a reservation. If they are all booked go next door to their sister restaurant Taverna. Like many restaurants they have been hit hard by Covid and are currently closed, but due to reopen soon.

North Italia is one of my personal favorites. I just cannot get enough pasta and they make theirs from scratch daily. If pasta is not your thing then try the red wine-glazed short ribs. You will not regret it.

Lotus Chinese is my go-to for Asian fare in The Domain. I fancy myself to be a dumpling aficionado and their dumplings crack my top 5. If dumplings are not your thing try the pork belly buns, yum!

Shake Shack. I know they are a chain, but I had to throw them in here. They are just too delicious and that mushroom burger of theirs makes me forget about ever eating another hamburger again.

The Yard Milkshakes. One of the best parts of eating your diner is knowing that you have some dessert coming next! They say their milkshakes are “over the top” and that is no joke. They are seriously spilling out of awesomely branded mason jars. Need a sugar boost for shopping? They also have baked goods and ice cream!

Best Bars in The Domain, Austin TX


domain best bar


The Domain neighborhood in North Austin not only has some of the best restaurants in Austin but some of the best bars and venues for listening to live music. If you just moved into the neighborhood and finally got all those moving boxes unpacked then treat yourself with a night on the town. Here are some of the best bars in The Domain

Second Bar + Kitchen offers a wide selection of drinks. From crafted cocktails to a wide selection of beers. They even have a wine program that they say is “approachable,” not sure what that means, but I’m in! I Love the atmosphere here and the ceiling of the bright Texas stars is beautiful. Check it out and stay awhile.

The Brass Tap has over 300 craft beers from all over the world and 70 beers on tap. I am pretty sure they have what you need. If the amazing drink options were not enough they also have live music. Austin is known as the “live music capital of the world” and places like Brass Tap are the reason why. Bring a friend or 2 or even 300. There is a different kind of beer for each of y’all. The combination of Booze and tunes makes The Brass Tap in The Domain one of our favorite watering holes.

The Domain Shopping


Domain best shopping


This is where the Domain truly Shines. There are 137 retail stores and 1,234,352 square feet of retail floor space in the Domain. People from all over flock to this neighborhood to max those credit cards out. From local boutiques to chain retailers The Domain has got something for everybody. These are local favorites.

Lululemon Athletica has high priced high-quality athletic gear. This location is on the small side but has everything you need to look good while working on your fitness. As a bonus, this location will also hem damaged pairs of pants for free.

Madewell is a small fashion boutique located in the Domain. High-quality materials and friendly staff are only some of the reasons this retailer has become a local favorite and garnered tons of attention on sites like Pinterest. Good quality does not come cheap. If you are looking for ways to save up for that coveted pair of jeans try finding some affordable movers near the Domain for your move there.

Best Apartments in The Domain


domain apartment


Age before beauty. The Overture Domain Is a 55+ Apartment home located in The Domain. If you or a loved one is over the age of 55 then I highly recommend The Overture. They have a great reputation for taking care of their residents and the location is great for seniors looking to be near all the amenities the Domain has to offer. If you are moving to The Domain and need Professional senior movers Real Men Moving are experienced senior movers near The Domain.

Residences at The Domain is a luxury apartment complex in the heart of The Domain. Its proximity to employers like Dell, Apple, and IBM makes it a great choice. It has more to offer than just its location. Stunning  Gourmet kitchens and closets the size of a Downtown studio for all the shopping I’m sure you will be doing.

Kenzie has a boutique-inspired lounge and lobby that will impress your friends. This complex is nice and tidy, and Dogs and cats are welcome. There are plenty of parks and trails to take your furry friends on a walkabout or you can relax with your friends in the infinity-pool.  

Best Sports Fun in The Domain


Austin FC Stadium


Austin finally has a professional sports team and guess where the new state of the art stadium is? You guessed it, The Domain. It will have a capacity of 20,500 screaming fans and will bring new and exciting energy to the area. If that is not cool enough Mathew McConaughey is one of the owners. Alright Alright Alright!

Topgolf is one of my favorite things to do in Austin and is located on the edge of the Domain. If you go on Wednesday play is half off. The food however is not half off, but it is full of flavor. Try the deep-fried pickles! 

FAQs About Living in The Domain, Austin TX

Now that you know all the fun things to do in and around The Domain, let us get serious for a moment and let you in on what it is like living in The Domain.

What is The Domain Neighborhood like?

The average age is lower than the rest of Austin so you will see a lot of young professionals between 25-35 calling The Domain home. Because of all the shops and restaurants, the neighborhood has its fair share of people from other places so it can get crowded at times. Real estate in this area is on a steady climb making it a great place to buy.

What is the Cost of Living in The Domain?

While the cost of living in The Domain is on the higher end of some of its neighbors, it’s location, economy, and convenience make the juice worth the squeeze. If you plan on moving to The Domain, you will find there are lots to love about this amazing corner of Austin.

Is the Domain, Austin TX Safe?

Apart from motorist running stop signs and the occasional shoplifter The Domain in Austin TX is very safe. Crime is low in the area and it is very walkable day or night. There is plenty of security to compliment the local Austin Police.

When moving somewhere new it is best to talk to a local about their experience. If you are from out of town and do not know any locals then I suggest sites like Quora and Reddit. You can also join a community Facebook group of residents in The Domain.

Moving to The Domain, Austin TX?

It has been great filling you in on what The Domain has to offer. Trying to find movers near The Domain? Search for movers near me and Real Men Moving will pop up. We are located on the other side of Mopac, across from the Domain. We offer a wide range of moving services that will make your next move your easiest move yet.

Give us a call to book your move or to talk to a member of our team and learn more about our moving services in The Domain.