5 November, 2020

Southern charm and its close proximity to Austin are just two reasons Hutto, TX is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. Living in Hutto has a lot to offer folks from all walks of life. Here are 5 things your local movers Hutto at Real Men Moving have grown to love about the “Hippo Capital of Texas.” 

  1. Hutto is “Hippo Capital of Texas” 

Hippo Capital - Texas

With Tiger King fresh in all our minds, let us get this clear, Joe Exotic does not have kinfolk living in Hutto, raising hippo’s. There was however a hippo loose in Hutto in 1915, and the local high school adopted the Hippopotamus as their school mascot. There are over 100 hippo sculptures loose in Hutto and many more on the way. Herman the Hippo is a 20,000 lb. concrete hippo that the city unveiled earlier this year. For some family fun see who can find them on a Hutto hippo scavenger hunt. 

  1. Hutto is one of the Fastest Growing Cities in America 

Hutto is a growing community with over 30,000 people calling her home in 2020. It’s pretty wild to think just 20 years ago only 1,500 people called this Hill Country townhome. Where there once was just fields of corn, you can now find new industry popping up throughout town. With plenty of jobs and affordable housing, there is no end in sight for this small Texas city on the rise. 

  1. Hutto has Amazing Schools 

Amazing School - Texas

The Hutto Independent School District is one of the best school districts in the Austin area. Working as a pipeline to the University of Texas and Texas A&M, Hutto is a good choice for families wanting to send their children off to college to a university near home. If sports are your kid’s thing, Hutto ranks amongst the top districts for athletics in Texas. If you know anything about the Lone Star state and high school sports, that’s no easy feat. 

  1. Hutto is affordable 

Buying a home in Austin will cost you 62{c90871bae1ccbef2c97f03962533da1d1cdb56d95578a7d78109bc048c24bb44} more than the same home in Hutto. The median home price in Hutto is $227,600 and the median home income of $70,519 is well above the US average. You can expect local salaries and home prices to rise with job growth expected to climb 51.5{c90871bae1ccbef2c97f03962533da1d1cdb56d95578a7d78109bc048c24bb44} over the next 10 years. If you are looking for a home in a great community that will be a solid investment down the road, Hutto should be high on your list. 

  1. Hutto is Close to Austin 

Hutto close to Austin

There are too many reasons to love Hutto for us to fit all of it into this love letter. So many in fact, you may never need to leave, but if you did, Hutto is part of the Austin-Round Rock metro. Only a 30-minute drive down TX-130 and you’re in downtown ATX. 

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