8 August, 2018

The costs of moving homes add up very quickly, so we have some tips for you to help you move on a budget!

Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional Movers

While your first instinct when pinching pennies may be to do the whole move by yourself, be sure to do your research. When you take into account the hourly cost of renting a truck, traffic or flaky friends and family can quickly add up the bill. In addition, friends exchanging labor for beers are more likely to break something valuable that will cost you to replace.

No matter which you choose, though, try to avoid rush hour! Unexpected traffic can majorly bump up costs when everything is charged hourly.

Never Buy Cardboard Boxes

Ever run out of cardboard boxes for the third time, wondering to yourself how you acquired so much stuff? Especially for large homes, cardboard boxes can get quite expensive due to the quantiy needed. Ask around friends and family if they access to empty boxes, get some from your workplace, cruise around liquor, grocery, or retail stores. You can also check the Craigslist Free section and get some from another person who also just moved!

Shut Down Unnecessary Utilities Early

While it does depend on the company and type of utility, many utility companies won’t be able to set up termination dates based around your exact move date. Consider ending non-essential bills early (i.e. cable) to save money before your move.

Sell and donate!

Especially if you’ve lived in your current place for an extended period of time, you’ve acquired a lot of things you don’t need. You may even stumble across objects you’d completely forgotten about while packing! If you didn’t realize you lost it, you don’t need it. Selling or donating all those miscellaneous objects you never use will not only get you cash upfront to help with the move, but will save money and space once you’re on the road!

Remember that cheap furniture is rarely worth moving when you’re being charged by weight or space. Sell your IKEA desk on Craigslist and get a new one once you’re in your new city.

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