25 July, 2019

While moving is an exciting life event, it can also be chaotic and stressful. If you’re moving in Texas, you may notice it’s a little harder when having to move around such a big state. Seasoned movers like us have recognized these common moving mistakes people make in this state. Here are 3 of them so you can know what to avoid!

Not Remembering Safety

There is nothing more important to us than safety, which is why we usually recommend for small children and pets to not be extremely involved in the moving process. Moving large furniture is dangerous and does require a certain amount of strength, and people. Even just moving boxes can be dangerous if they aren’t handled properly and end up being dropped. While you may be able to move some boxes from one house to another yourself, make sure you have extra friends or hire some movers to help with the large furniture. Even if you’re Superman, there should always be at least two people lifting a couch!

Traffic Issues

The process of actually moving heavy items in a vehicle is dangerous, and this becomes tenfold when moving in busy traffic. While there’s not much you can do to prevent traffic conditions, some good advice is to look up routes before hand that would be less dangerous to move. Also be aware of parking availability in the place you are moving out of, and moving to, as this can make moving much more of a hassle.

Paperwork Difficulties

There are many things regarding paperwork that you need to take care of before move-in day. Here’s a list of things to do if you’re moving soon that you absolutely shouldn’t forget!

  • Updating your drivers license and car registration
    • make sure to update these to reflect your current address, or you’ll be fined!
  • Transferring your utilities
    • transfer all utilities such as water, gas, and electricity so that everything works smoothly when you move in
  • Changing your address
    • Update your address wherever else it may be needed, such as on Amazon, to subscriptions services, doctors, and more

Moving can be tricky, especially moving in the state of Texas. If you’d like some help or someone to do the whole job for you, you can view our services here, or contact us at Real Men Moving today.