31 May, 2016

It’s no secret that we can all use all kinds of moving tips whenever we make the decision to pack up and move ourselves and our families to a new location. There are many different ways to help make the move itself much easier, which includes an  moving company the following.

Compose a List

Always compose a list of everything, no matter what. Regardless of whether you write or type the list, you will end up thanking yourself later on.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Supplies

This is a step that involves you having plenty of boxes, likely more than you will actually need in the event that you end up having more items that need to be packed. This is something that will end up making your entire life much easier in the long run. Furthermore, you will also need to have strong packing tape of some sort in order to securely tape up any and all boxes that are being packed. Unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap is also essential for helping to cushion items that are fragile. If you have any unused supplies once the moving truck has been packed, be sure to return them.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

These can be used not only for clothes, but they can also be used for pillows, blankets, and comforters as well. Contact your moving company to determine the width of the wardrobe boxes that they will be bringing, then measure all of the clothes in your closets in order to determine how many boxes you will actually need. One important thing to remember is to never make the boxes too heavy to carry.

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Strategize the Use of Wardrobe Boxes

There are some companies who will be happy to deliver boxes of any kind ahead of your move. However, if you are moving everything yourself, schedule everything as early as you possibly can. For instance, a few days beforehand, fill up sturdy shopping bags with items like sweaters, shoes, and jeans. Fill up wardrobe boxes with these before adding clothing that should be hanged. Then, cover the shoulders of your clothes before adding sweaters or purses on top.

Coordinate Colors

Designate a specific color for each room in your home. Place colored stickers on boxes, which will indicate that the boxes themselves will go in these particular rooms. You can also put a matching sticker on the door to each room to help movers know where to put everything once they arrive at your new home.

Keep Everything Together

Always insist on keeping everything together whenever either you or the movers are packing any boxes, regardless of what the items are.

Pack Ahead of Time

Packing ahead of time will save you a great deal of money on moving day itself. If you’re moving during the summertime, pack up your winter clothes. Also consider boxing up any extra shampoo and toothpaste and purchase smaller-sized travel versions of these items to live off of until the big day. You can even pack up wastebaskets and use plastic garbage bags to throw away trash.

Consolidate Your Cleaning Supplies

In the event that you need to clean your old home before moving out, make up a kit of the most basic rags and cleaning supplies. Clean everything that you can ahead of time, and even as the movers empty each room.

Use Your Own Luggage

Fill up your own luggage with clothing, towels, sheets, etc., even if you’re moving locally.

Keep Valuable Items Safeguarded

Always keep any valuable items with you as much as possible. If that’s not possible, there are alternatives to safeguarding valuable items.  If necessary, check your homeowner’s insurance to see exactly how you’re covered during a move, as well as if you need any additional insurance and if you need to fill out any further paperwork in the event of a loss.

Keep All Important Papers with You

Important papers such as birth certificates, bills, bank records, etc. should always be kept with you at all times rather than with the movers.

Personal Boxes

Allow each member of your family to fill a colored tote with any items that they’ll want immediately in their new home, regardless of what those items may be.