Packing & Moving Services

If you have ever packed up your things for a move then you already know what a pain it can be. From wrapping fragile items to ensure they don’t break to trying to organize the things within the boxes, there comes a point where your possessions seem like they keep multiplying and that the packing is never going to end! If you’re at your wits end with packing, are worried about properly packing especially fragile items,  or you just don’t have the time to do it, know that in addition to premier moving services, Real Men Moving also offers packing services. Your personal moving coordinator can answer all your questions about all the moving services and help you pick the service you need.

Real Men Moving Offers:

  • 125/hr (2 hr minimum) 2 Movers With Truck, dollies, and any tools needed
  • 175/hr (2 hr minimum) 3 Movers With Truck, dollies, and any tools needed
  • 215/hr (2 hr minimum) 4 Movers With Truck, dollies, and any tools needed
  • 110/hr (2 hr minimum) 2 Movers dollies and any tools needed
  • 150/hr (2 hr minimum) 3 Movers dollies and any tools needed
  • 185/hr (2hr minimum) 4 Movers dollies and any tools needed
  • The service fee starting at $50, depending on location

Additional Information:

  • Packing Supplies delivered to your doorstep
  • Full Packing Services which we can provide in advance or on move-in day!
  • Partial Packing Services for fragile items, electronics, and specific rooms.
  • Unpacking Services in which we will unpack and arrange items to your liking.

Our professional packing teams will not only work in an expense friendly and time-sensitive manner but will assure that every one of your special items is carefully wrapped.  And like all of our services, Real Men Moving guarantees that our crews will give you the exceptional service you deserve.

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