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If you are moving to Pflugerville or thinking about moving near Pflugerville, we have given you our best reasons to move to the “PF” and would also like to introduce ourselves. We are Real Men Moving, a family-run moving company located in North Austin. It is safe to call us Pflugerville movers, after all, we are just a stone’s throw away from P-Ville. Our mission is simple, to provide experienced movers at an affordable price. Here is a list of services we provide in Pflugerville.


If you are moving from Round Rock to Pflugerville or already live in P-Ville and just need help moving down the block, we would call that a local move. All moves in Williamson and Travis county are local to us. Our movers are local and know the fastest routes from your old place to the next. All movers must be experienced before we hire them and are then put through our training program. The training provides experienced movers a chance to take their skills to the next level with an emphasis on leadership and customer satisfaction. Check out what our satisfied customers are saying. Click here


Are you moving to Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio? Those are what we would consider a long-distance move. We do those too. Special care is needed when traveling long- distances. Our crew at Real Men Moving are trained to professionally pad, wrap, and secure your furniture safely into our moving trucks. If it left in one piece, rest assured it will arrive in one piece.


Need us to pack your things up? Yeah, we do that. We offer what we like to call our “Packing Service.” That entails members of our crew showing up at your place with boxes and wrapping materials to pack your life into neat little (and big) boxes. There are rules to packing boxes and our professional packers know them all. Make your move easier and get our packing service.


We get it, this is Texas, and a lot of Texans have big trucks! That is cool. We can load your truck for you and meet you at your new home to help with the unloading. If you have your own vehicle, need help loading or unloading a storage container or you need a hand moving in the same apartment complex down the hall, we can help you with our labor only moving service.


You might need help getting that big desk from your old office to the guest bedroom in your house that is now serving as your COVID free work zone. At Real Men Moving we specialize in office relocation. We have the men with an experience that can get the job done on time and on budget. Our movers follow a strict COVID-19 protocol and will follow any guidelines your company has developed.


Our gentle movers will take the upmost care of your furniture, but that is not where our service ends. If you are a senior or have a loved one who needs relocating, you can trust that you and your loved ones are in good hands and will be treated like family.


This one can be tricky sometimes. If you are moving anything that is unusual in size or weight we suggest you call us or submit a form on our site to tell us a little bit about what it is and where it needs to go. Our movers are experts at moving upright and baby grand pianos.


There are a number of reasons you may need to store your things before, during, or after moving to Pflugerville. Find out more here



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A healthy local economy in Pflugerville attracts many middle-class residents to call this suburb home. With new residents come to new homes. Pflugerville’s new home construction is booming, and new subdivisions are popping up around town. Pflugerville is a great choice for families with children because of its great public schools and lower than average crime rate. Here are some things you can do with the little ones after the big move.


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You probably just took a page out of Tom Sawyer, convincing your kids that unpacking boxes are fun. Well played! Now you want to reward them for all the hard work. Then take them to our first stop in town.


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If you want to go the whole day or just a few hours there is plenty to do at this huge water park. The lines are never too long so you can shoot down the twisted pipes several times. You can opt to get a season pass or just pay for the day. The only downside to the water park is they do not allow you to bring your own ice chest. If water park food is not your jam, across the street you will find fast food options. Whataburger is my favorite!


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Austin is in the name of this theme park, but it is in Pflugerville. Do you think 23 acres is big enough for miniature golfing and go-kart racing? We think so too. You can also go bowling, play video games, and get your laser tag on. If pizza is your thing you are in luck. You and the kiddos can fill up with all you can eat pizza. Go on a weekday to avoid long lines.

If you are deciding if Pflugerville is right for you there is no better way to find out, than come to visit and see for yourself. If you have already decided on moving near Pflugerville let us get serious for a second. You are going to need a hand with that move.

At Real Men Moving we can do a few things for you. You can request just our packing service. You can ask us about putting your things in storage. Or, you can have us pack, load, deliver, and unpack everything so that you do not have to. To find out more and to request your free quote, contact us at Real Men Moving today.

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