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Real Men Moving is a local Austin business owned and operated by a family. We named ourselves Real Men Moving for a couple of reasons. It says what we do (moving) and who we are (real men doing all the heavy lifting). No job is complete unless our customers are satisfied with our service.

Look at what Round Rockers are saying:   5 Star Yelp Reviews

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If you have already Flocked to the Rock or are looking to move to Round Rock, or at least contemplating making the move, you have chosen one of the most exciting communities near Austin. The Rock, as we like to call it, is a great place to raise a family and just be far enough away from the city to be “out of town” and country-like and still be just a hop, skip and jump away from its weird neighbor. We would like to welcome you to your new home with our service at Real Men Moving. Not sure what we can do for you? Well, let us explain. Here is a look at some of our moving services you can book when you call…



Even though Round Rock is technically just 15 miles north of the capital, we would consider that a local move. You could be moving across town or to the next street over and those are also local moves. At Real Men Moving, we are experts at packing, loading, and hauling your belongings. Our Round Rock movers are professionally trained to take as much care with your items as they would if they were moving their own things from one house to another. If you’re looking for movers near Round Rock, we can help you with that. Just call us today and ask about our flexible rates for local moving services.


That new job or retirement can mean a move that is a little further than just down the street. At Real Men Moving, we have years of experience in taking precious cargo from Point A to Point B. Sometimes Point B is a long distance from Point A. What if you are going to Dallas or Houston or San Antonio? Those are what we would classify as long-distance moves. Regardless of where you are moving, you can count on us to make it an easy one for you.


Sometimes moving is not about the big trucks and big burly men lifting and stacking your boxes. Maybe your move is from one office to another or you have downsized and are heading into a smaller apartment. Instead of us hauling your things, you have your wheels but just need the boxes, packing materials, and an extra hand packing. We can help with that. We will even load your vehicles for you, point you in the direction of Round Rock, wish you well, and meet you at your new home to unpack everything for you. Just call us for details.

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There is a lot to see and do in Round Rock. Let us tell you a bit more about this fabulous suburb. It has all the amenities and attractions that will keep families, young professionals, and seniors rocking round the Rock. Here is a shortlist of some of our favorite things…


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Have a hankering for a donut the size of your steering wheel then you must get up early in these parts to catch your fill at Round Rock Donuts. A Texas tradition since 1926, people flock to The Rock from all over the country to taste the famous donuts made here. What makes them such a big deal? Well, to start, they are yellow. Some say orange. Regardless, these are big donuts that will fill you up and keep you coming back for more!


The Pacific Coast League lives in Round Rock. The home team – a minor league baseball team – is the Express. They were established in 2000 and won the Texas League championship that season and have added several conference and division titles since. They play at the Dell Diamond and provide a great source of entertainment for any sports fan who likes outdoor baseball. Bonus tip reserve the rocking chairs! They are a game-changer.


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This was the route used to move cattle from Texas ranches to Kansas railheads. It became popular in the post-Civil War era and was named after one of the people who established it. The Chisholm Trail Middle School located in Round Rock was named after the historic cattle trail where a “feeder” Route runs from the Rock to Red River in north Texas where the Chisholm trail begins.


mover round rock has Round Rock ISD landing at 47 on a list of 1,019 best school districts in Texas making Round Rock a solid choice for families. The schools in Round Rock are part of the Round Rock Independent School District. It was established in 1913 and services over 51,000 students with over 6,300 staff members. The district has six high schools, eleven middle schools, 35 primary schools, and four specialized and alternative schools.


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Downtown Round Rock has what you need for shopping, dining, or nightlife. For shopping, you will find everything from boutiques to galleries and everything in-between. For dining, there are restaurants of all kinds serving up home-cooked standard meals to exotic, out-of-this-world flavors. When it comes to nightlife, you can find sports bars, lounges, saloons, and much more to toast your evening out. 

Well, there you have it. Our look at one of the best-kept secrets in Texas…the fun a little place called Round Rock. For assistance with your move there – or anywhere you are about to move in the lone star state. Please fill out a fast and easy quote form or give us a call to talk to a member of our team.

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