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How to Pack and Move Electronics

We all know the delicate process behind packing items such as family photos and delicate antiques. However, when it comes to electronics, most people tend to pack these more carelessly, and unfortunately, one drop can result in all sorts of damage being done that could potentially be irreversible.

Here are the proper steps in which you should pack and move your electronics when moving to a new home.

Back It Up

First and foremost, take the time to backup all of your data and files prior to putting any computer equipment into storage. One drop can end up causing all kinds of damage to your computer, as well as your data and files if they aren’t saved.

Watch Out for Corrosion

Prior to moving any electronics, be sure to remove all batteries. This is because corrosion from the batteries themselves can also cause damage to electronics.

Check the Slots

Remove all DVDs, video games, etc. from any electronics prior to packing them. If they are left in a machine, the media can end up getting deformed over time.

Unplug it All

Be sure to unplug all cables, wires, and accessories from your electronics. This is a great way to prevent any potential metal-to-metal damage during transport.

Keep the Original Packaging

If possible, place all electronics in their original packaging during the move, as these will contain the pre-shaped foam pieces that they can easily fit into.

Use Bubble Wrap

Any television sets and computer monitors with fans should be wrapped in bubble wrap and tape to help prevent dust.

Utilize Extra Blankets

Use padded moving blankets to help protect flat-screen televisions from getting broken during a move. Additionally, store them against a wall for extra support.

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Transferring Utilities When Moving

If you will be moving from your old home to a new one, it’s important to remember that you will need to transfer your utilities. The task itself isn’t fun, but it’s absolutely essential in order to ensure that you have water, electricity, and internet service in your new home when you move in.

Here are three tips to make note of when it comes to transferring utilities to your new home.

Update Address

First and foremost, be sure to update your home address. You will want to provide your utility service providers with your new home address when you contact them to transfer your services in order to ensure that you receive all future bills. You will also want to contact the United States Postal Service to inform them that you will need to have your mail forwarded as well.

Contact Service Providers

Prior to making the move to your new home, contact your utility service providers and have them come to your current home to conduct a final reading of the water, gas, and electric meters. Be sure that you keep copies of the meter reading reports for your records in the event that you were to receive any unexpected bills after your move.

Schedule Ahead

If you are moving to a new town or city, you will want to take the time to contact their public utilities offices a few weeks before your move in order to arrange for the services to begin at your new home. This is because water and sewer services are more than likely to be handled through the new city or town that you will be moving to.

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Moving tips for college students

Moving away to go to college is always an exciting time in an individual’s life. The moving process itself, on the other hand, is a process that can cause all sorts of stress. Thankfully, there are ways in which the process can be made much less stressful.

Here are three useful tips to help make the move to college easier.

Hire professionals

First and foremost, consider making the decision to hire a professional moving company to assist you with your move. More specifically, you will want to look for a moving company that specializes in assisting college students with moving in and out of dorms. From there, allow them to do all of the work while you simply sit back and relax.

Move early

Contact your college’s student housing department and inquire whether or not there is a way to move into your dorm earlier than the official move-in day. If they confirm that there is, take advantage of it. This will be much easier for you to do rather than waiting until the actual move-in day when literally hundreds of other students will be doing the exact same thing. Additionally, you’ll also have more time to explore the campus, as well as pick up any textbooks that you’ll need for classes and decorate your dorm room.

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Move together

If you will be having a roommate for your dorm room, take the time to ensure that the both of you will be on campus at the same time. This will enable the two of you to discuss how you will want the room itself to look so that you will both be in agreement.

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Moving Day: Survival Guide

Congratulations on your new home! If you and your family are gearing up for a move into a new house or apartment, you’ll want to make note of these tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Moving day and the preceding few months can be a stressful time. Help to make it not as stressful with our moving day survival guide.

What to Do Before You Move

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work you’ll need to complete to get yourself into a new home, you might find it helpful to rid your home of things you don’t need or want. Not only can de-cluttering make your move easier, but you can also help others by donating your unused household items. De-cluttering your home two to three months prior to your move will not only reduce the number of boxes you’ll need to move, but you’ll find that it can help with organizing, as well. The less stuff you take to your new home, the easier the move will be. Take the time to save time!

Things to Consider Donating:

  • Old clothing
  • Unused kitchen utensils
  • Unused pots and pans
  • Unused tools and lawn equipment
  • Books, CDs, DVDs
  • Unused electronics
  • Toys your kids have outgrown

Preparation for Moving Day

One of the first things you’ll need to do after de-cluttering your home in preparation for a move is to decide on whether you want to use a moving service. You will find several moving companies who can help, but you’ll want to find a reputable and reliable team of movers to ensure that your belongings are handled with care. Of course, you can also decide to rent a moving truck, but you may not be able to handle a large move by yourself. Decide on a moving service and set up and confirm a reservation with them well before your moving date. It’s also a good idea to transfer your water, gas, and electric utilities to your new home during the same time frame.

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What to Do During a Move

After you’ve packed your boxes and marked them with room names, load your truck in the order you’ll unload it. For example, if your master bedroom is at the back of your new home, load the furniture and boxes from it first. Map out the locations of your bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and garage, and then load accordingly. Moving a box from the back of the truck to the front of the house will make the moving process go more smoothly and much more easily than dealing with random, unmarked boxes. Be sure to move the boxes into the appropriate rooms and to leave an open pathway from the front door to the interior rooms!

Get Help with Moving

If you don’t want to deal with renting a truck and convincing your friends and family to move 300 boxes on a hot summer day, consider hiring an affordable, trusted, and experienced moving service. Real Men Moving will treat your valuables with care and will work efficiently on your residential or commercial move. Thank you for reading our moving day survival guide. Contact us today for a free estimate!