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How to Pack and Move Electronics

We all know the delicate process behind packing items such as family photos and delicate antiques. However, when it comes to electronics, most people tend to pack these more carelessly, and unfortunately, one drop can result in all sorts of damage being done that could potentially be irreversible.

Here are the proper steps in which you should pack and move your electronics when moving to a new home.

Back It Up

First and foremost, take the time to backup all of your data and files prior to putting any computer equipment into storage. One drop can end up causing all kinds of damage to your computer, as well as your data and files if they aren’t saved.

Watch Out for Corrosion

Prior to moving any electronics, be sure to remove all batteries. This is because corrosion from the batteries themselves can also cause damage to electronics.

Check the Slots

Remove all DVDs, video games, etc. from any electronics prior to packing them. If they are left in a machine, the media can end up getting deformed over time.

Unplug it All

Be sure to unplug all cables, wires, and accessories from your electronics. This is a great way to prevent any potential metal-to-metal damage during transport.

Keep the Original Packaging

If possible, place all electronics in their original packaging during the move, as these will contain the pre-shaped foam pieces that they can easily fit into.

Use Bubble Wrap

Any television sets and computer monitors with fans should be wrapped in bubble wrap and tape to help prevent dust.

Utilize Extra Blankets

Use padded moving blankets to help protect flat-screen televisions from getting broken during a move. Additionally, store them against a wall for extra support.

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Texas Tenant Rights – For Apartments, Commercial Places and Hotels

Your things are packed, you’ve cleaned your old home down to the baseboards, and you’re ready to move in to your new place!

…Or are you?

Before you enter into a new lease, there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to protect yourself and your health legally. In a new living situation, you have no idea how your landlord will act for the long haul. You don’t know if they’ll respond to you in a timely manner or make needed repairs when requested.

  1. Check if your city has a tenant association. You can call to inquire about complaints from previous tenants and ask about the landlord’s other rental properties, if there are any.
  2. Do not EVER put down a deposit or sign a lease before seeing and inspecting the exact pace you will be renting. Model apartments can be misleading, and if the landlord or apartment refuses to let you see the space there’s reason for justifiable suspicion.
  3. Do a thorough inspection of the place. – note the smell, check the stove, toilet flush, refrigerator, heating and A/C, garbage disposal, hot water, etc. Look for stains or miscoloring that could indicate mold. If the landlord promises to fix things, get it in writing or refuse to give the deposit until it’s done.
  4. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. If you end up needing lawyer, you will want it all on paper. Don’t let any agreement be explicitly oral – get it in writing with signatures.

As a tenant in Texas, there are a few rights you should know about:

  1. SECURITY. At the owners’ expense, all doors leading outside should have a peephole or see-through glass pane, a door handle lock or deadbolt on the front entry door, a pin lock and handle latch or security bar on sliding glass doors, a smoke detector, and each window needs a latch.
  2. “QUIET ENJOYMENT.” You have the right to live your life in reasonable peace and quiet. This means the landlord cannot evict you without cause or disturb your peace needlessly.
  3. Except a few very specific circumstances, the landlord does not have the right to interrupt their tennant’s utilities unless for a construction/repair emergency.
  4. SB 1448 (81st Regular Session), effective January 1, 2010, dictates that judges can order landlords to make repairs that negatively affect the health and safety of the tenant as long as the cost is less than $10,000. Tenants can get one such repair order by going to justice court, no attorney needed.

If the landlord refuses to make repairs needed for the health and safety of the tenant, you have the right to:

  • End the lease;
  • Get the problem repaired and take the cost from your rent; or
  • Force the landlord to make the repairs by filing suit

But remember: You do NOT have a right to withhold rent because the landlord fails to make repairs when the condition needing repair does not materially affect your health and safety. Following this method may open you up legally for the landlord to sue you instead. Always make sure your rent is up to date.

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Moving in Together: 3 Useful Tips for NewlyWeds

Regardless of whether you’re already married or are planning on getting married in the future, bringing two different households together is a process that requires a great deal of preparation and planning. This is especially the case if both of you own unique possessions.

Here are three useful moving tips that all newlyweds can make note of:

Wait to Purchase Anything

Even though you may have received something like gift cards as part of your wedding present, it’s best to wait to make any purchases with them until after your move itself has been completed. This will prevent you from having to carry anything extra from your old home to your new one.

Ask for Assistance With Your Move

This is something that can turn into a major positive for everyone involved. Not only will a lot of the work be reduced and go more quickly, but you can also choose to offer an incentive such as free food and drinks at your new home once the move is finished.

Make Sure You Know How to Load the Moving Truck

When it comes to loading the moving truck, always be sure to use some sort of logistical strategy. Generally, all heavier items should go towards the back of the truck, while lighter items should always be placed both near the front of the truck and on top of other items.

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Fun Things to do During Xmas

There’s one thing this winter that is not to be missed. If you’ve been an Austenite since day one, it’s likely you know all about this special event that lights the night sky. If you’re a newbie, we’ve got intel for you.

Austin Trail of Lights is THE holiday event in Austin. It showcases all of the best parts of Austin, the food, the music, the family fun, and the creativity. Lights span across Zilker Park creating a beautiful landscape to escape from with your friends and family. From light up bat caves, to a giant Christmas tree, this is a must-see this season. There are over 40 displays and over 2 million lights.

This event has been going on for over 52 years. In 2016, there were 375K visitors. It is Austin’s largest holiday tradition, and the second largest event in the city. Like we said, it is not to miss.

This event spans fifteen days in December, but there are a few choice nights you should make it your business to be at. On December 9th, there’s the grand opening. Mayor Steve Adler will flip the switch along with HEB to turn the lights on and begin the festivities! One kid from AISD that has won a writing competition will also be invited to flip the switch with him. This is sure to be a sweet event to see. There will also be musical performances, story time, and dance performances.

You should also be sure to check out UT night if you’re a UT fan or alumni. This night is free to everyone! There are great performances by UT groups that show off their Longhorn pride. There is also a Heroes Night, a Music Night, and a Movie Night. There’s something for everyone!

Trail of Lights is just one of the many magical things about living in Austin. If you’re wanting to move here, or move closer to the magic, consider Real Men Moving. Their expertise will make your move a breeze.

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Declutter Before Moving: Get Rid of Home Stuff before Move

Moving can be a big task, and packing can make you realize how much stuff you really have. Want to downsize? Minimalism is a big trend recently, and it’s possible for you to do! Here are a few tips to get started

  1. Start By Clearing One Area: Even if this is just a three foot area by your couch, you’ve gotta start somewhere. See what you need and what you don’t. If you haven’t used or appreciated anything in that area in the past 3 months and don’t expect to in the next 3- trash it!
  2. Clear Off A Counter: Have a blender you haven’t used since 05? Trash it! This is no time to be emotional.
  3. Shelf time: After the counter, take on a shelf. Clear that! Get rid of all non-essentials. See the tip in number one.
  4. Schedule a cleaning weekend: If you don’t feel like doing it now, promise yourself to do it in 2 weeks. Then you’ll have to do it!
  5. The 5 Rule: Pick up five things and find five places for them, or trash them.
  6. GIVE: Donate a load of stuff to a local charity. This is a great way to minimize and de-clutter and feel good about it.
  7. Take On The Junk Drawer: We all have them! The trick is to just empty out the drawer, and sort it into three piles: stuff that should be in that drawer, stuff that goes in other places, and trash.

Minimalism is manageable, but the first step is decluttering. Even if you’re not moving yet, this is a good plan to make that easier one day. When you do move, Real Men Moving Austin Moving Service is the go to for moving!

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Things to Know Before Moving to Texas

  1. Southern Hospitality Is Real- Texans take pride in being crazy nice. Doors will be opened for you. If you see a pickup driving by, the best thing to do is wave, because they’re probably about to do the same thing. Embrace it and be proactive with your kindness too!
  2. Chili. Does. Not. Have. Beans. – It’s a serious offense in the great state of Texas to cook chili with kidney beans. We can’t explain this to you any simpler— just do not do it. Our chili is spicy, meaty, and has tons of chili sauce, the right way.
  3. “Don’t Mess With Texas” Means A Lot- This isn’t just a motto about not littering, it’s pretty good advice. Texas is the state with the most citizens serving in the military, whether it be Air Force, Navy or Marines. You’ll be sure to notice it pretty quick.
  4. Line Dancing is a Required Skill- This is something everybody knows how to do, and do it well. It’s a staple in Texas, and a great way to make friends!
  5. Having A Pickup Is Nearly Required- so what you don’t have anything to actually pick up? Texans know these are just great cars for driving. And the best part- you won’t become the friend who has to help everybody move because everybody has pickups!
  6. Watch Out For Texas Twisters!- The debate over guns is a hot one, but everyone nearly agrees about twisters. Stay out of their way! Texas still holds the record for the most tornadoes on average for year. Our record is 137, and right behind us falls Florida with 52.
  7. Rattlesnakes Are Entertainment- Ever heard of a rattlesnake roundup? Well, it’s a great form of entertainment in Sweetwater, Texas. You can imagine a whole stadium filled with the sound of rattling tails. Scary, but awesome.
  8. Do not ever, by any means, forget the Alamo.- This is one of the greatest pieces of pride for Texans. We fought very valiantly against the Mexican Army, and eventually ended the revolution for good. We won’t let you forget about that.
  9. Texans Aren’t Scared By Fire Ants- Most people from out of town would flip seeing those giant red bugs, but Texans take it in stride. They know those big grey mounds mean business, and don’t touch them except for with a long stick!
  10. Texas is The Greatest State- There’s no question. Every Texan knows this is true. Whether it’s Shiner Beer, the Houston Rodeo, or the breathtaking capitol in Austin, there’s something to love for everyone.

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