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Best Things to do in Austin in the Summer

While September is generally the sign of the end of summer for many people, the city of Austin tends to find ways to keep all of the fun of summer itself going for a bit longer anyway. With all of the fun things to do, there’s always the chance that you will never, ever be bored.

Here are three fun activities to mark down on your calendar for the month of September to partake in while in Austin!

Austin Music Video Festival

Lasting from September 12th until September 16th from 6:00 PM until 3:00 AM in downtown Austin, the third-annual festival is held in various locations and features all sorts of music videos, world premieres, parties, virtual reality, and even an awards show. Proceeds from some of the ticket sales will be donated towards AMERICARES to help support those affected by the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Tickets for this event range in price from $15 to $150.

Alan’s Hope – Guitars For Hope 5K Run/Walk

Taking place on September 16th and starting at 8:00 AM at Brushy Creek Park in Cedar Park, this event is being held to help raise attention for suicide prevention. Throughout the entire race, live music will be played, and the same will also be done at both the starting line and the finish line. Online registration for the event is currently option through September 15th and those who register will be able to obtain a special t-shirt for the event; however, those who register on the day of the event are not guaranteed to obtain one of these.

The Austin Flea Market At Whole Foods Arbor Trails

Taking place on September 9th at 10:00 AM at 4301 W. William Cannon, this free event involves many of Austin’s most creative and talented vendors bringing together a large amount of their unique wares for you to indulge yourself in. You will be able to find products such as textiles, jewelry, paper goods, and so much more.

Are you on a search for an affordable moving company in Austin during the end of summer/fall season? That’s a pretty smart choice rather than the hottest times of summer or in the dead of winter.

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How To Move To A New Home With Your Pet Safely

Prior to moving to a new home, it’s important to ensure that all of your family members are as comfortable as possible – including your pets. This is because pets can often be extremely sensitive when it comes to moving, no matter how far away your new home is. Planning is extremely important, which means that you should make note of the following useful tips.


Prior to your move, especially if you will be moving to an apartment or a new state, take the time to gather together all of the proper documentation that proves your pet has received all of the proper vaccinations and other types of inspections. Here are some other guidelines to make note of:

*Rules Per State: Every state has different rules and regulations when it comes to pet owners. Consider contacting a vet office for more information.

*Local Ordinances: If you will be moving to a new city, be sure to contact the City Clerk’s office for information regarding local ordinances involving pets. These ordinances may involve leash laws, pets per household, zoning laws, and more.

*Condos/Apartments: If you will be moving to either of these communities, chances are there will be rules regarding what types of pets you are allowed to have, if you are even allowed to have any at all. Be sure to take the time to read these regulations, especially if there will be any extra fees involved with having a pet.

*Health Certificates: Oftentimes, many states will require that you have some kind of a health certificate for dogs and/or cats, as well as other types of pets.

*Tags For Rabies: A majority of states require pet owners to have rabies tags for dogs, cats, and some types of exotic animals.

*Pet Permits: If you own an exotic pet and will be moving to a new state, there is the chance that you may have to purchase a permit before you will be allowed to bring it with you. Contact a local vet office for more information.

How Can My Pets Remain Safe During the Moving Process?

*Identification Tags: Place a collar on your pet that has one of these tags attached to it, provided your pet is able to wear a collar. This tag should include the name of your pet, as well as your address and phone number.

*Microchip: This is a useful way to help identify your pet, as doing this will place them into a recovery system in the event that they get loose. Once your pet is found, you will then be contacted. A pet that has been purchased from a location such as a breeder, pet store, etc. already is likely microchipped.

*Photograph: This is extremely useful to have on you at all times, as you can show this to all of your neighbors in the event that your pet somehow gets lost.

*Collars/Leashes: A collar is especially useful during travel either in a car or on an airplane. Additionally, a leash is also useful, especially if you are waiting for a new fence to be built and you need a way to keep your dog in your yard.

*Pet Carrier: If you plan to travel by airplane, your pet will be required to be placed in a carrier while in the cabin. If you will be traveling by car, pets who are in a carrier are often less stressed than they would be if they were outside of one.

*Official Records: This is perhaps the best way to ensure that your pet gets all of the proper care that they need. These records can be obtained by visiting your local vet office.

As an Austin moving company we understand how important the safety and transport of pets are to their owners. Often times it is overlooked as one of the most important parts of a move. Feel free to give us a call if you have any more questions on this topic.

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Checklist For Moving In Austin

When the time comes to consider moving and you live in Austin, there are a lot more things that need to be considered than you may think – and it all involves before your move, during your move, and once all of your items are delivered to your new destination.


Here are the main things to include on your checklist for moving in Austin.


Before Your Move

No matter what, always take the time to carefully select the right moving company prior to packing up any of your belongings. The mover you hire should be willing to provide you with their TxDMV registration number, which you can then verify to be active. If it is not, or if they do not provide you with one, do not hire them and instead, look for another moving company to assist you. You should also request a copy of the maximum rates that the company charges for the services that they offer so that you know ahead of time how much money you can expect to pay. A reliable moving company should also be willing to provide you with copies of a written contract, a signed proposal, and a Rights and Responsibilities brochure prior to any work beginning. Do not allow any moving company to begin loading any of your belongings onto their truck until you have obtained all of these forms of documentation. Furthermore, be sure to clearly specify exactly not only which of your items that the moving company will load onto their trucks, but also any and all potential difficulties that they may encounter during the move as well, such as elevators that may be in your new place of residence. In terms of agreements, always obtain these in writing rather than resorting to anything verbal. Additionally, never be afraid to ask any questions that you may have. It’s also important to keep in mind that registered moving companies are required to assume responsibility for no more than 60 cents per pounds per article. This means that you should ask the movers if they offer increased liability as part of their services; however, always remember that this does not qualify as insurance of any kind and that there could potentially be additional costs associated with this. If you require insurance for your more valuable items, you can always obtain this prior to your move by contacting an insurance company. Prior to the move actually beginning, take the time to both check and document the overall condition of your items, as well as see if the movers will conduct any kind of an inventory, which could increase the total cost of the move itself. And of course, before you even sign anything, make sure that you carefully read and understand everything associated with the agreement.


During Your Move

This is the point where all of your items will need to be both packed up and loaded as carefully as possible. If you’re planning to pack everything on your own, be sure that you use the right boxes and that you don’t overflow them. Any boxes that contain anything fragile should be properly labeled. Never pack up any important documents, medications, etc. – always keep these close to you in case you need them for any reason. If the moving company wishes to conduct an inventory of your items, be sure to accompany them while they do it. Furthermore, sign for the inventory both before the move takes place and after the move has been completed. You should also make yourself available during the move in case the movers have any questions for you that need to be answered or if you need to provide them with any additional instructions. Another important factor to remember is that prior to loading up any of your items, a moving company is required to obtain your signature on the Moving Services Contract, which you should read carefully before you sign it. As always, be sure to take one final look around in order to ensure that you have left nothing behind.


After Your Move

Once you arrive at your final destination, take the time to ensure that all of your items are being unloaded from the moving truck. After everything has been unloaded, immediately check their condition. If you notice that anything has been either damaged or broken, inform the movers and make a note of it in every copy of your Moving Services Contract. In terms of the written proposal, you should be prepared to pay the maximum amount that is listed. Once your items have been delivered to your new residence, ensure that you receive a copy of the Moving Services Contract. This should include an itemized billing of all applicable charges. Furthermore, if the movers conducted an inventory, you will be required to sign for this as well.

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Tips For Moving In Austin

Moving companies in Austin and throughout the entire state of Texas are licensed through the TxDMV. This entity also provides various forms of consumer protection information, which will enable you to plan your move in a much smarter fashion.


Here are some useful tips to make note of for moving in Austin.


*Under Texas state law, moving companies are required to provide you with the following:

-A written estimate or proposal that explicitly details either an approximate “not to exceed” maximum time frame for your move or a guaranteed price that you will have to pay for the move itself.

-A written contract prior to the move taking place.

-A standard liability of 60 cents per pound per item that you will be transporting. It is important to note that this does not qualify as insurance; however, you do retain the right to purchase insurance for your items in order to protect them during your move.

-A brochure detailing all of your rights and responsibilities as mandated under state law.

-A finalized copy of the contract after your move has been completed that details the total charges that have been incurred, what the charges are for, and what was used to calculate them.


*It’s important to always keep the following factors in mind:

-If any deal from a moving company sounds too good to be true, then chances are it is.

-Do not accept any form of verbal agreements or quotes from a moving company at any time.

-Do not hire an unlicensed moving company. As previously stated, moving companies in the state are required to be licensed by the TxDMV.

-Prior to signing any contract with a moving company, always take the time to read it thoroughly.

-If a moving truck shows up at your residence without either a TxDMV number, USDOT number, or the company name itself printed on it, beware of any potential risks that may be involved with working with them. The aforementioned numbers are what verifies that a moving company is licensed by the state of Texas.

-If, at any time, a moving company makes any attempt to hold any of your property on their truck for further payment that is not in your contract or if they make threats to drive away while any of your property is still on their truck, contact the police immediately.


If you have a damage claim or charge dispute that you need to file with the moving company, this must be done so within 90 days after the date of your move. The TxDMV will be able to further advise you on mediations, procedures, and inquiries regarding these types of issues.

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Austin Watering Holes: The Best in Texas

Krause Springs

This particular watering hole is listed in the Natural Registration of Historic Places and is considered by many to be perhaps one of the best places to swim in all of Austin. Krause Springs is home to many things that can be enjoyed, such as more than 34 small-sized springs, a man-made wallowing pool, a natural swimming pool, and a waterfall. To help add further amounts of fun, there are even cliffs and a rope swing. Those who wish to stay in this area for an entire weekend can take advantage of all sorts of campgrounds and restaurants such as Opie’s BBQ.


Barton Springs

This fascinating three-acre attraction in Zilker Park features a clear natural springs that maintains a 68-degree temperature at all times throughout the year. This is wonderful for those who are looking for a great method of relief on days that are extremely hot. There is also a swimming pool that comes complete with diving boards, large-sized shallow areas, many lifeguards on duty, and plenty of public restrooms. It should be noted that there is a cover charge: adults can enjoy Barton Springs for $3, while children can enjoy it for $1 to $2, depending on how old they are.


Hamilton Pool

Located approximately 40 minutes outside downtown Austin, this historic swimming pool is, in reality, a collapsed grotto that now features a waterfall that measures an astonishing 50 feet in height, as well as beautiful rock formations around the entire pool itself. Whether you’re looking to swim, get some shade, or take in some hiking, Hamilton Pool is definitely one watering hole that you should consider taking a trip to. For this attraction, it is recommended that you make reservations first.


Comal River

This is considered by many Austin residents to be perhaps one of the best methods of cooling off during a hot summer day. Trips down this river can be arranged in increments of two, four, or six hours, and you can even float down the river at your own specific speed. For $12 or $15, you can rent a tube that comes with or without a bottom attached to it. It should be noted that visitors are not permitted to bring canned beverages onto the river.


Blue Hole

This watering hole is completely surrounded by approximately 126 acres of grasslands and forests, as well as an ecosystem that is home to all sorts of plants, reptiles, mammals, and fish. Swimming season for this attraction traditionally begins during Memorial Day weekend, and there is a cover charge of $8 for adults and $4 for children aged 4 to 12.

Thank you for reading the Real Men Moving blog. We are an Austin moving company but we also like to tell people that are visiting, or have never been to Austin, all about the activities this city has to offer.

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Top Five Swimming Pools In Austin

Deep Eddy Pool

This swimming pool isn’t just both man-made and historic, it’s also known as being the oldest swimming pool in all of the state of Texas. In fact, Deep Eddy Pool is listed in the Natural Register of Historic Places thanks to the fact that it even has a bathhouse that was constructed during the Great Depression! The pool itself began as a swimming hole in the Colorado River before it became a resort during the 1920s. Nowadays, it is known as perhaps one of the most popular swimming pools in Austin.


Bartholomew Pool

This particular pool, which offers two child-friendly pool areas, a four-lane/25-lap pool that measures 12 feet deep and contains a diving board, and two winding blue-tube water slides, is a popular attraction that was recently renovated by the city.


Mabel Davis Pool

Also known as the home of Austin’s very first public skate park, this Olympic-sized pool offers both recreational swimming and scheduled times for swimming laps. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy the skate park, which measures 12,000 square feet, and various walking/hiking trails.


Wet Deck at the W Austin

Swimming at this pool will also provide you with a wonderful view of Austin’s skyline, and all you need is a simple day pass for this location. These passes cost $30, and with this, you can enjoy perks such as free parking, lounge chairs, a private cabana, two outdoor showers so you can rinse off, and tanning shelves. Day passes for the Wet Deck at the W Austin are available only Thursday through Sunday.


South Congress Hotel

The Rooftop Pool at this hotel is situated over South Congress Avenue and allows you to obtain a view of Austin’s beautiful skyline. Additionally, you can take advantage of a full bar and poolside dining courtesy of Cafe No Se. If you are not a guest of the hotel, you can still access the pool with the use of a day pass, which you can purchase for $20 Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM until sunset. The day pass will provide you with perks such as free valet parking, entry to the rooftop pool and bar, pool towels, and dining at Cafe No Se.

Thank you for stopping by Real Men Moving’s blog. We have been serving the Austin area for years and while we are an Austin moving company, we love to inform people moving here about all that Austin has to offer.