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How to Pack and Move Electronics

We all know the delicate process behind packing items such as family photos and delicate antiques. However, when it comes to electronics, most people tend to pack these more carelessly, and unfortunately, one drop can result in all sorts of damage being done that could potentially be irreversible.

Here are the proper steps in which you should pack and move your electronics when moving to a new home.

Back It Up

First and foremost, take the time to backup all of your data and files prior to putting any computer equipment into storage. One drop can end up causing all kinds of damage to your computer, as well as your data and files if they aren’t saved.

Watch Out for Corrosion

Prior to moving any electronics, be sure to remove all batteries. This is because corrosion from the batteries themselves can also cause damage to electronics.

Check the Slots

Remove all DVDs, video games, etc. from any electronics prior to packing them. If they are left in a machine, the media can end up getting deformed over time.

Unplug it All

Be sure to unplug all cables, wires, and accessories from your electronics. This is a great way to prevent any potential metal-to-metal damage during transport.

Keep the Original Packaging

If possible, place all electronics in their original packaging during the move, as these will contain the pre-shaped foam pieces that they can easily fit into.

Use Bubble Wrap

Any television sets and computer monitors with fans should be wrapped in bubble wrap and tape to help prevent dust.

Utilize Extra Blankets

Use padded moving blankets to help protect flat-screen televisions from getting broken during a move. Additionally, store them against a wall for extra support.

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Things to Know Before Moving to Texas

  1. Southern Hospitality Is Real- Texans take pride in being crazy nice. Doors will be opened for you. If you see a pickup driving by, the best thing to do is wave, because they’re probably about to do the same thing. Embrace it and be proactive with your kindness too!
  2. Chili. Does. Not. Have. Beans. – It’s a serious offense in the great state of Texas to cook chili with kidney beans. We can’t explain this to you any simpler— just do not do it. Our chili is spicy, meaty, and has tons of chili sauce, the right way.
  3. “Don’t Mess With Texas” Means A Lot- This isn’t just a motto about not littering, it’s pretty good advice. Texas is the state with the most citizens serving in the military, whether it be Air Force, Navy or Marines. You’ll be sure to notice it pretty quick.
  4. Line Dancing is a Required Skill- This is something everybody knows how to do, and do it well. It’s a staple in Texas, and a great way to make friends!
  5. Having A Pickup Is Nearly Required- so what you don’t have anything to actually pick up? Texans know these are just great cars for driving. And the best part- you won’t become the friend who has to help everybody move because everybody has pickups!
  6. Watch Out For Texas Twisters!- The debate over guns is a hot one, but everyone nearly agrees about twisters. Stay out of their way! Texas still holds the record for the most tornadoes on average for year. Our record is 137, and right behind us falls Florida with 52.
  7. Rattlesnakes Are Entertainment- Ever heard of a rattlesnake roundup? Well, it’s a great form of entertainment in Sweetwater, Texas. You can imagine a whole stadium filled with the sound of rattling tails. Scary, but awesome.
  8. Do not ever, by any means, forget the Alamo.- This is one of the greatest pieces of pride for Texans. We fought very valiantly against the Mexican Army, and eventually ended the revolution for good. We won’t let you forget about that.
  9. Texans Aren’t Scared By Fire Ants- Most people from out of town would flip seeing those giant red bugs, but Texans take it in stride. They know those big grey mounds mean business, and don’t touch them except for with a long stick!
  10. Texas is The Greatest State- There’s no question. Every Texan knows this is true. Whether it’s Shiner Beer, the Houston Rodeo, or the breathtaking capitol in Austin, there’s something to love for everyone.

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Austin Watering Holes: The Best in Texas

Krause Springs

This particular watering hole is listed in the Natural Registration of Historic Places and is considered by many to be perhaps one of the best places to swim in all of Austin. Krause Springs is home to many things that can be enjoyed, such as more than 34 small-sized springs, a man-made wallowing pool, a natural swimming pool, and a waterfall. To help add further amounts of fun, there are even cliffs and a rope swing. Those who wish to stay in this area for an entire weekend can take advantage of all sorts of campgrounds and restaurants such as Opie’s BBQ.


Barton Springs

This fascinating three-acre attraction in Zilker Park features a clear natural springs that maintains a 68-degree temperature at all times throughout the year. This is wonderful for those who are looking for a great method of relief on days that are extremely hot. There is also a swimming pool that comes complete with diving boards, large-sized shallow areas, many lifeguards on duty, and plenty of public restrooms. It should be noted that there is a cover charge: adults can enjoy Barton Springs for $3, while children can enjoy it for $1 to $2, depending on how old they are.


Hamilton Pool

Located approximately 40 minutes outside downtown Austin, this historic swimming pool is, in reality, a collapsed grotto that now features a waterfall that measures an astonishing 50 feet in height, as well as beautiful rock formations around the entire pool itself. Whether you’re looking to swim, get some shade, or take in some hiking, Hamilton Pool is definitely one watering hole that you should consider taking a trip to. For this attraction, it is recommended that you make reservations first.


Comal River

This is considered by many Austin residents to be perhaps one of the best methods of cooling off during a hot summer day. Trips down this river can be arranged in increments of two, four, or six hours, and you can even float down the river at your own specific speed. For $12 or $15, you can rent a tube that comes with or without a bottom attached to it. It should be noted that visitors are not permitted to bring canned beverages onto the river.


Blue Hole

This watering hole is completely surrounded by approximately 126 acres of grasslands and forests, as well as an ecosystem that is home to all sorts of plants, reptiles, mammals, and fish. Swimming season for this attraction traditionally begins during Memorial Day weekend, and there is a cover charge of $8 for adults and $4 for children aged 4 to 12.

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Top Five Swimming Pools In Austin

Deep Eddy Pool

This swimming pool isn’t just both man-made and historic, it’s also known as being the oldest swimming pool in all of the state of Texas. In fact, Deep Eddy Pool is listed in the Natural Register of Historic Places thanks to the fact that it even has a bathhouse that was constructed during the Great Depression! The pool itself began as a swimming hole in the Colorado River before it became a resort during the 1920s. Nowadays, it is known as perhaps one of the most popular swimming pools in Austin.


Bartholomew Pool

This particular pool, which offers two child-friendly pool areas, a four-lane/25-lap pool that measures 12 feet deep and contains a diving board, and two winding blue-tube water slides, is a popular attraction that was recently renovated by the city.


Mabel Davis Pool

Also known as the home of Austin’s very first public skate park, this Olympic-sized pool offers both recreational swimming and scheduled times for swimming laps. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy the skate park, which measures 12,000 square feet, and various walking/hiking trails.


Wet Deck at the W Austin

Swimming at this pool will also provide you with a wonderful view of Austin’s skyline, and all you need is a simple day pass for this location. These passes cost $30, and with this, you can enjoy perks such as free parking, lounge chairs, a private cabana, two outdoor showers so you can rinse off, and tanning shelves. Day passes for the Wet Deck at the W Austin are available only Thursday through Sunday.


South Congress Hotel

The Rooftop Pool at this hotel is situated over South Congress Avenue and allows you to obtain a view of Austin’s beautiful skyline. Additionally, you can take advantage of a full bar and poolside dining courtesy of Cafe No Se. If you are not a guest of the hotel, you can still access the pool with the use of a day pass, which you can purchase for $20 Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM until sunset. The day pass will provide you with perks such as free valet parking, entry to the rooftop pool and bar, pool towels, and dining at Cafe No Se.

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Chargers Moving Company: San Diego to Austin

Moving companies in Austin have their work cut out for them but they might have not faced a problem that San Diego movers are facing. Approximately 24 professional moving companies located in San Diego Diego, California have gone on record of stating that they are now refusing to assist the now-Los Angeles Chargers move to L.A. They state that this is being done out of protest due to the team moving cities in the first place.

According to the website WeWontMoveYouChargers.com, which contains a list of all of the local moving companies who say that they will not help the team with their relocation to Los Angeles, all 24 companies have, thus far, made a unanimous pledge to not assist the team in any possible fashion. The website also offers explains why they refuse to do so, stating that their loyalties to the city are deep and that they know the Chargers belong there rather than in Los Angeles.

Ryan Charles, the head of sales and marketing for HireAHelper, is responsible for coming up with this unique protest. HireAHelper is a moving company that was originally founded in San Diego. He also stated that an agreement was made between his organization and others that, even if they were asked to provide assistance, they would not help the Chargers relocate. They then made a few phone calls and found other moving companies in the area who said that they would rather turn down money than see the team leave in one of their company’s moving trucks.

It was announced back in January that the National Football League had approved the Chargers’ request to move to Los Angeles after spending 56 years in their home city. This will not be L.A.’s second NFL team, as they also have the Los Angeles Rams. Naturally, this did not go over very well at all with fans, who took to mocking the team’s new logo, vandalizing the team offices with eggs, and even burning team jerseys in protest.

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Five Ways You Can Save On Your Taxes In 2017

A tax deduction possible with a moving or relocation company in austin! We’re here to help!

Regardless of how much money you may have coming in, taxes are something that can be a real burden at times. If you’re someone who’s trying to find a way to lower your taxes this year, there are a few different methods that you can make note of in order to help make that very thing happen.

Make a Contribution to a Retirement Plan

Take a moment to think about being able to not include approximately $18,000 of your own money on your taxes. You can max out your 401(k) and be able to do that very thing. Currently, workers under the age of 50 are allowed to put up to $18,000 of pre-tax money into a 401(k). On the other hand, workers over the age of 50 can do the same thing with $24,000. If you don’t have access to a 401(k), however, you can instead fund an IRA, but you’ll obtain a much smaller benefit. For instance, workers under the age of 50 can contribute $5,500, while workers over the age of 50 can contribute $6,500. The more money you put in, the more of a tax break you’ll be able to get.

Use Pre-Tax Money to Pay for Healthcare and Commuting Costs

These are expenses that are certainly unavoidable for a lot of us; however, if you use pre-tax money to pay for these, you will be able to take advantage of some great tax savings at the same time. Those who are currently working can contribute up to $2,600 per year to an FSA; however, be careful not to overfund it. This is because once that money gets there, you will need to either use it or forfeit your entire balance. Additionally, if you register for commuter benefits through your employer, you will be able to use up to $255 pre-tax dollars every month to help pay for transit expenses, as well as that same amount to help pay for parking. You can also choose to double-up on these benefits as well if you wish to do so.

Obtain a Break for Child Care

On average, a typical family spends over $10,000 every year on daycare for their children for a full-time basis. At the same time, a household that employs a full-time nanny generally spends nearly three times that amount. However, there are certain tax breaks that are available for individuals who pay for child care. For instance, if you register for a dependent care FSA, you will be able to save up to $5,000 per year in pre-tax dollars to help pay for costs associated with child care. Furthermore, if you meet eligibility requirements, you will be able to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit, which will give you a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your overall tax liability. This credit will provide lower earners with up to $2,100 in tax benefits, with higher earners being provided up to $1,200.

Know Your Deductions

Owning a home is something that can be expensive; however, it can also save you thousands of dollars in terms of your tax bill. There are many homeowners who seem to benefit the most from the mortgage interest deduction. This is a deduction that enables you to write off the interest portion of all of your home loan payments; however, you cannot have borrowed more than $500,000 as a single filer or $1 million as a jointly-filing couple. Additionally, you can also deduct points on your mortgage and property taxes as well, as well as deducting your monthly premiums as long as you don’t earn too much money in the event that you find yourself paying PMI by not having put 20{c90871bae1ccbef2c97f03962533da1d1cdb56d95578a7d78109bc048c24bb44} down on your home.

Make Your Move

If you’ve thought about moving, this could be the year to do it. It could help to lower your tax bill, especially if you move in conjunction with obtaining a new job. If the total distance between your old home and your new home is approximately 50 miles more than your old commute, and if you also work at that job around 39 out of 52 weeks per year after your move, then you will be able to deduct any and all costs associated with the move itself.