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Checklist For Moving In Austin

When the time comes to consider moving and you live in Austin, there are a lot more things that need to be considered than you may think – and it all involves before your move, during your move, and once all of your items are delivered to your new destination.


Here are the main things to include on your checklist for moving in Austin.


Before Your Move

No matter what, always take the time to carefully select the right moving company prior to packing up any of your belongings. The mover you hire should be willing to provide you with their TxDMV registration number, which you can then verify to be active. If it is not, or if they do not provide you with one, do not hire them and instead, look for another moving company to assist you. You should also request a copy of the maximum rates that the company charges for the services that they offer so that you know ahead of time how much money you can expect to pay. A reliable moving company should also be willing to provide you with copies of a written contract, a signed proposal, and a Rights and Responsibilities brochure prior to any work beginning. Do not allow any moving company to begin loading any of your belongings onto their truck until you have obtained all of these forms of documentation. Furthermore, be sure to clearly specify exactly not only which of your items that the moving company will load onto their trucks, but also any and all potential difficulties that they may encounter during the move as well, such as elevators that may be in your new place of residence. In terms of agreements, always obtain these in writing rather than resorting to anything verbal. Additionally, never be afraid to ask any questions that you may have. It’s also important to keep in mind that registered moving companies are required to assume responsibility for no more than 60 cents per pounds per article. This means that you should ask the movers if they offer increased liability as part of their services; however, always remember that this does not qualify as insurance of any kind and that there could potentially be additional costs associated with this. If you require insurance for your more valuable items, you can always obtain this prior to your move by contacting an insurance company. Prior to the move actually beginning, take the time to both check and document the overall condition of your items, as well as see if the movers will conduct any kind of an inventory, which could increase the total cost of the move itself. And of course, before you even sign anything, make sure that you carefully read and understand everything associated with the agreement.


During Your Move

This is the point where all of your items will need to be both packed up and loaded as carefully as possible. If you’re planning to pack everything on your own, be sure that you use the right boxes and that you don’t overflow them. Any boxes that contain anything fragile should be properly labeled. Never pack up any important documents, medications, etc. – always keep these close to you in case you need them for any reason. If the moving company wishes to conduct an inventory of your items, be sure to accompany them while they do it. Furthermore, sign for the inventory both before the move takes place and after the move has been completed. You should also make yourself available during the move in case the movers have any questions for you that need to be answered or if you need to provide them with any additional instructions. Another important factor to remember is that prior to loading up any of your items, a moving company is required to obtain your signature on the Moving Services Contract, which you should read carefully before you sign it. As always, be sure to take one final look around in order to ensure that you have left nothing behind.


After Your Move

Once you arrive at your final destination, take the time to ensure that all of your items are being unloaded from the moving truck. After everything has been unloaded, immediately check their condition. If you notice that anything has been either damaged or broken, inform the movers and make a note of it in every copy of your Moving Services Contract. In terms of the written proposal, you should be prepared to pay the maximum amount that is listed. Once your items have been delivered to your new residence, ensure that you receive a copy of the Moving Services Contract. This should include an itemized billing of all applicable charges. Furthermore, if the movers conducted an inventory, you will be required to sign for this as well.