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How to Pack and Move Electronics

We all know the delicate process behind packing items such as family photos and delicate antiques. However, when it comes to electronics, most people tend to pack these more carelessly, and unfortunately, one drop can result in all sorts of damage being done that could potentially be irreversible.

Here are the proper steps in which you should pack and move your electronics when moving to a new home.

Back It Up

First and foremost, take the time to backup all of your data and files prior to putting any computer equipment into storage. One drop can end up causing all kinds of damage to your computer, as well as your data and files if they aren’t saved.

Watch Out for Corrosion

Prior to moving any electronics, be sure to remove all batteries. This is because corrosion from the batteries themselves can also cause damage to electronics.

Check the Slots

Remove all DVDs, video games, etc. from any electronics prior to packing them. If they are left in a machine, the media can end up getting deformed over time.

Unplug it All

Be sure to unplug all cables, wires, and accessories from your electronics. This is a great way to prevent any potential metal-to-metal damage during transport.

Keep the Original Packaging

If possible, place all electronics in their original packaging during the move, as these will contain the pre-shaped foam pieces that they can easily fit into.

Use Bubble Wrap

Any television sets and computer monitors with fans should be wrapped in bubble wrap and tape to help prevent dust.

Utilize Extra Blankets

Use padded moving blankets to help protect flat-screen televisions from getting broken during a move. Additionally, store them against a wall for extra support.

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Packing Service Tips in Austin: Fragile Items

One of the scariest parts of moving is figuring out how to get precious items from one place to another. As an Austin packing service, we know how serious it can be. Often, many important family heirlooms and even everyday items are very fragile and have to be moved extra carefully. Even if you hire a mover, there are still some things you should know to make sure your fragile items make it safely. We’ve gathered our top 4 tips here to help.

Plan time just for packing fragile items in advance.

If you’ve read our blog before, you know we always talk about how important it is to plan, plan, plan. This is especially important when it comes to packing the precious stuff. Fragile items like glass and crystal take time and care to pack up. You’ll want to take the time to wrap certain dishes and things individually, and multiple times, sometimes even with different material.

Doing this is takes as long as it sounds. Since individually caring for each fragile thing you have takes time, you don’t want to be rushing during the process. It’s actually during the packing and wrapping process that fragile things get broken rather than during the moving. So, plan accordingly, get the kids and pets out of the house, and make sure you have plenty of free time. If something is important to you, give it the attention it deserves when moving.

Have the right materials and tools.

Just a cardboard box won’t cut it when you’re packing up expensive china. Of course you’ll still need the boxes, but other than that, there’s plenty of other materials you need to keep handy, also.

First, make sure you have all the materials necessary to pillow and protect whatever you’re packing in the box. There are multiple things you can use for this, and it’s very possible that you have some of this lying around:

  • bubble wrap
  • packing peanuts
  • newspaper
  • tissue paper
  • crinkle paper
  • extra floppy cardboard
  • foam wrap
  • any old/recycled newspaper

If you can, try to get boxes that are specifically for packing the scary stuff. Dish pack boxes will likely be your best bet. These boxes are made with much thicker cardboard, and are better at keeping sturdy and absorbing any shock that it might get.

Last but not least– don’t forget scissors, packing tape, and the item itself. Some people would also recommend getting a large table to do this part of the packing. But unless you have a bad back or other injury, we think the floor works just as well!

Pack it right!

It’s almost tragic how silly some people get when it comes to packing fragile things. Unlike books and fabrics, you really can’t just throw stuff in the box and expect it all to work out, so here’s a quick run through of the things you should really pack right:

Glass/china plates: DO NOT stack these on top of each other! These will break extremely easily if you pack these horizontally. Instead, pack them vertically, sliding them into the box like records. Wrap each plate in bubble wrap and tape it secure, and make sure the box is lined top and bottom with another cushion material.

Glasses: Before wrapping paper around the glass, make sure there’s also some paper in it to minimize empty space. Put the heavier stuff at the bottom, and also place some extra material around everything to make sure there’s as little room for moving around as possible.

Lamps: If you can take your lamp apart, you definitely should– and you should keep the lampshade wrapped up nice and neat in a separate box. Usually, bases wouldn’t be packed in a box, but if it’s small enough and fits in a large box, make sure there’s packing all around it once again.

Picture Frames: Picture frames should be wrapped in paper separately. If you have some big ones, use crinkle paper to keep space between frames.

Weird Special Things: Wrap anything funky COMPLETELY in bubble wrap, and tape it secure. Then, use extra cardboard to box it in tightly within the box itself.

Quick, bonus tips.

Line your box! Before packing anything fragile, use a really cushiony material like foam or bubble wrap to line the inside of the box and keep fragile things from hitting the sides or edges too hard.

Remember you still have to unpack. While you should make items as secure as possible, don’t make them so secure that it’s nearly impossible to take out!

Don’t overpack with the fragile stuff. If you have too many fragile items in a box, the chances of them crashing against each other are higher. You can overpack with other things like clothes and sheets if you’re really cramming, but overall, don’t overestimate with fragile stuff.

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Moving with Children: 3 Tips you Should Know

Moving to a new home or a new city can be difficult for families with no prior experience. When young children come into the picture, though, moving can present additional challenges. Here are three tips for how to make moving easier with young children.

Keep Them Entertained

When young children get bored, they often trend to fiddle around with things around them to create some type of entertainment. Moving is already stressful, so it’s important to keep your kids occupied with something to do in the meantime. Simple things such as books or an iPad can keep them entertained throughout the moving process. In addition, tasking them with small moving duties can help alleviate some of its stress.

Begin The Process Earlier

Moving with young children will be an almost entirely different process than it would be with just yourself or significant other. It’s important that young children grasp an idea of what is going on before you begin to pack up their belongings. One should anticipate to start the moving process a couple weeks or even months earlier when children are apart of the picture. Whether it is setting up a move-in date or finding a new home for unwanted furniture, it’s never too early to begin.

Create a Thought Out Schedule

Creating a move out schedule will keep the process afloat and is necessary when young children are apart of the picture. Although unanticipated events may arise, it’s important to keep weekly move out goals in mind when navigating through the process. If you plan on having the kids’ rooms all packed and cleaned by the certain date, your kids should be aware of this and aid your family in doing so.

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What Not to Pack When Moving

Moving can be a struggle and oftentimes, items that won’t be used in your new home are unknowingly packed. Deciding what is worth packing in boxes can be a struggle since it is easy to just pack everything. These items will most likely remain unpacked and take up space in your new home. If you are moving, here are three common items not worth packing to remember for your move:

1. Frozen or Refrigerated Food

Produce and other refrigerated goods will go bad within a couple of hours if left outside. Even if your new place is furnished, the time it takes to travel from one location to the next, unpack your belongings, and move accordingly will most likely take more than a couple of hours. It is not worth taking a risk over food that can easily be bought at a local grocery store.

2. Flammable Items

Items such as aerosol cans, pesticides, and propane tanks are not worth taking for your next move. These hazardous items are combustible and explodable in certain conditions. These items will be double checked by your moving company or won’t be allowed. It is best to dispose of these items properly prior to your move.  

3. Plants

Given the gentile and sometimes messy nature of plants – you should probably not fit them in your moving truck. Depending on the length of the trip, many plants might not survive given their niche habitat. Another risk that comes with transporting plants is the potential to transfer parasites and other insects into your new home. It is best to properly dispose of any plants that you might have and just buy new ones for your home.

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How to Enjoy the Holidays in Austin, Texas

From trekking down to Trail of Lights to enjoying a sip of hot chocolate at Mozart’s Coffee Roaster’s light show – Austin, Texas has plenty of ways to make the most of the holiday season.

Here are some of the ways to bring the holiday spirit in Austin to you and your loved ones.

Trail of Lights

Trail of Lights Foundation is proud to sponsor Austin’s largest holiday tradition and 2nd largest event in the city. With more than 2 million lights and 40 displays, the event has something different for everyone. Special events include live performances from local groups and performers, a marketplace, and over 30 different food trucks. Specialty nights also take place throughout the month, each offering a unique experience.

Running from December 10th to the 23rd, the event is free almost half of its nights and runs from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Mozart’s Christmas Light Show

Each year at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, over one million lights are set up on its deck for a special Christmas light show. New this year is the addition of the Cobalt Blue Piano, which will be played every night by a pianist. At the entrance will be a German Market in the parking lot serving warm treats for guests.

Admission is free and the show runs each day from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. midnight until January 2nd, 2019. Spots are on a first come, first serve basis – so be sure to get to the show early for a good view.

The Nutcracker at Ballet Austin

Bringing some grace to the Holiday season is Ballet Austin’s annual production of The Nutcracker. The performance features hundreds of dancers, gorgeous sets and costumes, and a live score performed by the Austin Symphony Orchestra. The story follows young heroine Clara as she conquers her fears and brings her dreams to life.

Performances of The Nutcracker run until December 23rd, with tickets ranging in price according to seat location.

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Three Of The Best Places To Live In Texas


This is known as being the most populated city throughout the entire state of Texas, as well as the fourth-largest populated city in the United States itself. Houston houses NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the Port of Houston, as well as professional sports teams such as the Texas, Rockets, and Astros. The city’s Museum District attracts approximately 7 million visitors every year as well.


Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” the state capital of Texas houses The University of Texas as well as having the distinction of being among the safest major cities in the United States. Austin also has the unofficial slogan “Keep Austin Weird,” referring to the city’s liberal and eclectic lifestyles of many of its residents.


Some of the most renowned cuisines in the city of Dallas include Tex-Mex, Barbecue, and Mexican, as well as being ranked among the best location for both careers and businesses. Dallas is also home to a total of 12 Fortune 500 companies, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and plays host to the State Fair of Texas, which is held at Fair Park.

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