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How to Pack Quickly: Three Tips for Your Move

The process of moving can cause a lot of stress for everyone involved, no matter the size of the move. Family homes whose inhabitants have been there for decades and student apartments alike can bring the movers (and their friends and family) to tears. Thankfully, there are a few different ways that you can make the process much easier and pack quickly.

Here are three useful tips to make note of that will help you with this:

Pack Everything Strategically

Take the time to mark all of the boxes that you know you’ll need first with a symbol, such as a star. You can also consider leaving those items out that you’ll need the day of the move. Putting them in a basket or a hamper and ensuring they’re not packed up in the deep, dark depths of the moving truck can alleviate a lot of stress during your move. Once you’re at your new home, you’ll have easy access to items such as clothes, toiletries, sheets, towels, and other daily necessities. The rest can wait!

Begin Packing Early

Regardless of how good you think you may be, it always takes a lot longer than you might think to pack your belongings. You never realize how many things you’ve acquired over the years until you have to put them all in boxes. Begin two to three weeks prior to your moving day, starting with the items you use the least (Grandma’s decorative vase, anyone?). This way, you can also ensure the safety of more valuable items because you’re not rushed to throw them into boxes.

Consider Using Trash Bags

Sturdy trash bags are great to use for packing items that won’t break. Especially when you’re doing your last-minute clear out with your spouse laying on the horn outside, you can just toss all the extra clothes and knick-knacks in garbage bags and toss them in the back. They can also be easily stuffed into vehicles, as well as transformed into shaped that normal boxes can’t.

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Make The Most Of Your Move On A Budget

The costs of moving homes add up very quickly, so we have some tips for you to help you move on a budget!

Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional Movers

While your first instinct when pinching pennies may be to do the whole move by yourself, be sure to do your research. When you take into account the hourly cost of renting a truck, traffic or flaky friends and family can quickly add up the bill. In addition, friends exchanging labor for beers are more likely to break something valuable that will cost you to replace.

No matter which you choose, though, try to avoid rush hour! Unexpected traffic can majorly bump up costs when everything is charged hourly.

Never Buy Cardboard Boxes

Ever run out of cardboard boxes for the third time, wondering to yourself how you acquired so much stuff? Especially for large homes, cardboard boxes can get quite expensive due to the quantiy needed. Ask around friends and family if they access to empty boxes, get some from your workplace, cruise around liquor, grocery, or retail stores. You can also check the Craigslist Free section and get some from another person who also just moved!

Shut Down Unnecessary Utilities Early

While it does depend on the company and type of utility, many utility companies won’t be able to set up termination dates based around your exact move date. Consider ending non-essential bills early (i.e. cable) to save money before your move.

Sell and donate!

Especially if you’ve lived in your current place for an extended period of time, you’ve acquired a lot of things you don’t need. You may even stumble across objects you’d completely forgotten about while packing! If you didn’t realize you lost it, you don’t need it. Selling or donating all those miscellaneous objects you never use will not only get you cash upfront to help with the move, but will save money and space once you’re on the road!

Remember that cheap furniture is rarely worth moving when you’re being charged by weight or space. Sell your IKEA desk on Craigslist and get a new one once you’re in your new city.

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Why You Should Get an On-Site Moving Estimate

Amidst the whirlwind stress of moving house, you may be tempted to keep things as quick as possible – including the moving company estimate. While keeping estimates confined to phone calls and emails may seem quicker and easier, it can come back to haunt you during the actual move. Money How much a moving company charges depends greatly on how much – and what type – of things you own. Obviously, a two-story house with heavy wall-to-wall furniture will be more expensive than a sparsely decorated 2-bedroom. It can be difficult for a homeowner to gauge the size and weight of items, which can end up costing you in the long run if special equipment or extra hands are needed to move your grandmother’s grand piano. On the other hand, a homeowner may experience inflated moving costs if they overestimate what is required. A moving professional will be better to assess needed equipment and labor in-person than in text or over the phone.  Gauge Professionalism Needless to say, meeting someone in real life is a very different experience than talking to you on the phone. If they are rude, unprofessional, or don’t listen to your concerns in real life, do you really want them handling your most valued possessions? An on-site estimate will not only give you a better idea of your moving needs and cost, but it’s a chance to judge the character of the person who will be moving them. As stressful as moving is, you don’t need the added stress of an incompetent moving company. Take care of your valuables Depending on how many objects of extreme sentimental value you own, the mover assessing which objects will need the most care and protection could be the most important aspect of an on-site estimate. Your 150 gallon fish tank or your great-aunt’s beautiful gilded full-length mirror may require some extra care or protection during the move, and it’s improtant that the movers are aware beforehand to take note of such challenges in advance. Thank you for visiting the Real Men Moving blog, an Austin moving company. If you don’t want to risk throwing your back out moving call us for a free consultation.

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Things to Know Before Moving to Texas

  1. Southern Hospitality Is Real- Texans take pride in being crazy nice. Doors will be opened for you. If you see a pickup driving by, the best thing to do is wave, because they’re probably about to do the same thing. Embrace it and be proactive with your kindness too!
  2. Chili. Does. Not. Have. Beans. – It’s a serious offense in the great state of Texas to cook chili with kidney beans. We can’t explain this to you any simpler— just do not do it. Our chili is spicy, meaty, and has tons of chili sauce, the right way.
  3. “Don’t Mess With Texas” Means A Lot- This isn’t just a motto about not littering, it’s pretty good advice. Texas is the state with the most citizens serving in the military, whether it be Air Force, Navy or Marines. You’ll be sure to notice it pretty quick.
  4. Line Dancing is a Required Skill- This is something everybody knows how to do, and do it well. It’s a staple in Texas, and a great way to make friends!
  5. Having A Pickup Is Nearly Required- so what you don’t have anything to actually pick up? Texans know these are just great cars for driving. And the best part- you won’t become the friend who has to help everybody move because everybody has pickups!
  6. Watch Out For Texas Twisters!- The debate over guns is a hot one, but everyone nearly agrees about twisters. Stay out of their way! Texas still holds the record for the most tornadoes on average for year. Our record is 137, and right behind us falls Florida with 52.
  7. Rattlesnakes Are Entertainment- Ever heard of a rattlesnake roundup? Well, it’s a great form of entertainment in Sweetwater, Texas. You can imagine a whole stadium filled with the sound of rattling tails. Scary, but awesome.
  8. Do not ever, by any means, forget the Alamo.- This is one of the greatest pieces of pride for Texans. We fought very valiantly against the Mexican Army, and eventually ended the revolution for good. We won’t let you forget about that.
  9. Texans Aren’t Scared By Fire Ants- Most people from out of town would flip seeing those giant red bugs, but Texans take it in stride. They know those big grey mounds mean business, and don’t touch them except for with a long stick!
  10. Texas is The Greatest State- There’s no question. Every Texan knows this is true. Whether it’s Shiner Beer, the Houston Rodeo, or the breathtaking capitol in Austin, there’s something to love for everyone.

If you’re considering a move, make sure you get with the best movers in the Lone Star State, Real Men Moving. This Austin Moving Service will get you moved into your new Texas home without a hitch.

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Chargers Moving Company: San Diego to Austin

Moving companies in Austin have their work cut out for them but they might have not faced a problem that San Diego movers are facing. Approximately 24 professional moving companies located in San Diego Diego, California have gone on record of stating that they are now refusing to assist the now-Los Angeles Chargers move to L.A. They state that this is being done out of protest due to the team moving cities in the first place.

According to the website WeWontMoveYouChargers.com, which contains a list of all of the local moving companies who say that they will not help the team with their relocation to Los Angeles, all 24 companies have, thus far, made a unanimous pledge to not assist the team in any possible fashion. The website also offers explains why they refuse to do so, stating that their loyalties to the city are deep and that they know the Chargers belong there rather than in Los Angeles.

Ryan Charles, the head of sales and marketing for HireAHelper, is responsible for coming up with this unique protest. HireAHelper is a moving company that was originally founded in San Diego. He also stated that an agreement was made between his organization and others that, even if they were asked to provide assistance, they would not help the Chargers relocate. They then made a few phone calls and found other moving companies in the area who said that they would rather turn down money than see the team leave in one of their company’s moving trucks.

It was announced back in January that the National Football League had approved the Chargers’ request to move to Los Angeles after spending 56 years in their home city. This will not be L.A.’s second NFL team, as they also have the Los Angeles Rams. Naturally, this did not go over very well at all with fans, who took to mocking the team’s new logo, vandalizing the team offices with eggs, and even burning team jerseys in protest.