5 May, 2018

Imagine finally getting everything packed prior to the big move to your new residence, only to then discover that there are a few things you forgot to do or realize that you should have also taken care of.

Here are three things people will generally forget to do prior to moving to their new residence:

Change Address Early

The United States Postal Service offers an online form to enable people to easily change their address when they’re planning on moving to a new residence. This is not something that anyone should wait until the last minute to do. Generally, this should be done two weeks prior to your moving date.

Take Pictures of Electronics

If you have your electronics set up in a specific way, such as cords and cables needing to be arranged in a specific manner, take the time to take pictures of how everything looks prior to unplugging everything. This will make it much easier when the time comes to set everything back up in your new home. You will want to do this the day before your moving date.

Put a Go-To Box Together

Items such as toiletries, clean sheets, paper towels, paper plates, and plastic silverware should be packed in a separate box the day before your moving date. This will help you to have easy access to things in the event that you get hungry or need to rest.

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