25 January, 2020

When it comes to utilizing your car on moving day, it’s always important to know what to pack in it. This is because cars always have a less amount of space than moving vans, as we know, and knowing what should be placed in the car can help us determine how we can best make use of the space that’s available in it.

Here are three useful tips for packing your car on moving day.

Make Space for Essentials

First and foremost, take the time to pack all essential items first. These items should be placed in one central location, which can be the front passenger seat. This should always be done prior to placing anything else in the car to be transported to your new home, as you won’t be able to overestimate the amount of space you have available beforehand.

Keep Windows Clear of Clutter

Always ensure that no matter what, your windows remain clear. This will ensure that even though you’re transporting items from your old home to your new home in a full car, you’ll still be able to see where you’re going when you’re driving. Not to mention that in many states, it’s illegal to have your view obstructed while driving due to it being a safety hazard.

Make Use of All the Space

Another useful tip is to always make use of all available space in your car. While it appears that space may be rather limited, chances are there’s more space than you might realize. For instance, you may be able to fold down your backseats, open additional space in your trunk, and more so that you can store extra items. Despite this, don’t overcrowd your car so that things aren’t uncomfortable for you or anyone else.

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