3 July, 2017

Moving companies in Austin and throughout the entire state of Texas are licensed through the TxDMV. This entity also provides various forms of consumer protection information, which will enable you to plan your move in a much smarter fashion.


Here are some useful tips to make note of for moving in Austin.


*Under Texas state law, moving companies are required to provide you with the following:

-A written estimate or proposal that explicitly details either an approximate “not to exceed” maximum time frame for your move or a guaranteed price that you will have to pay for the move itself.

-A written contract prior to the move taking place.

-A standard liability of 60 cents per pound per item that you will be transporting. It is important to note that this does not qualify as insurance; however, you do retain the right to purchase insurance for your items in order to protect them during your move.

-A brochure detailing all of your rights and responsibilities as mandated under state law.

-A finalized copy of the contract after your move has been completed that details the total charges that have been incurred, what the charges are for, and what was used to calculate them.


*It’s important to always keep the following factors in mind:

-If any deal from a moving company sounds too good to be true, then chances are it is.

-Do not accept any form of verbal agreements or quotes from a moving company at any time.

-Do not hire an unlicensed moving company. As previously stated, moving companies in the state are required to be licensed by the TxDMV.

-Prior to signing any contract with a moving company, always take the time to read it thoroughly.

-If a moving truck shows up at your residence without either a TxDMV number, USDOT number, or the company name itself printed on it, beware of any potential risks that may be involved with working with them. The aforementioned numbers are what verifies that a moving company is licensed by the state of Texas.

-If, at any time, a moving company makes any attempt to hold any of your property on their truck for further payment that is not in your contract or if they make threats to drive away while any of your property is still on their truck, contact the police immediately.


If you have a damage claim or charge dispute that you need to file with the moving company, this must be done so within 90 days after the date of your move. The TxDMV will be able to further advise you on mediations, procedures, and inquiries regarding these types of issues.