12 January, 2019

Moving can be a struggle and oftentimes, items that won’t be used in your new home are unknowingly packed. Deciding what is worth packing in boxes can be a struggle since it is easy to just pack everything. These items will most likely remain unpacked and take up space in your new home. If you are moving, here are three common items not worth packing to remember for your move:

1. Frozen or Refrigerated Food

Produce and other refrigerated goods will go bad within a couple of hours if left outside. Even if your new place is furnished, the time it takes to travel from one location to the next, unpack your belongings, and move accordingly will most likely take more than a couple of hours. It is not worth taking a risk over food that can easily be bought at a local grocery store.

2. Flammable Items

Items such as aerosol cans, pesticides, and propane tanks are not worth taking for your next move. These hazardous items are combustible and explodable in certain conditions. These items will be double checked by your moving company or won’t be allowed. It is best to dispose of these items properly prior to your move.  

3. Plants

Given the gentile and sometimes messy nature of plants – you should probably not fit them in your moving truck. Depending on the length of the trip, many plants might not survive given their niche habitat. Another risk that comes with transporting plants is the potential to transfer parasites and other insects into your new home. It is best to properly dispose of any plants that you might have and just buy new ones for your home.

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